Monday, September 12, 2011

Fox Searchlight Acquires Steve McQueen's 'Shame' for US Distribution

Oh hell yes! I had a feeling this might happen! One of our favorite indie distributors, Fox Searchlight, has taken a very bold move and acquired the controversial and provocative new film from Hunger director Steve McQueen titled Shame. I saw the film at the Telluride Film Festival (where the Fox Searchlight execs were too) and absolutely loved it (read my review), even though I didn't like Hunger much, but I felt that it needed a very brave, bold distributor who could actually give this film the push it deserves. So great to see that Fox Searchlight, who put out Black Swan and 127 Hours just last year, is the one picking this up.

Shame is directed by Steve McQueen, written by McQueen & Abi Morgan and stars Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan. Fassbender plays a 30-something living in New York City who can't control his sex life and sexual desire, ...


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