Monday, September 19, 2011


RYAN: I didn't get to attend the Bad Teacher screening a few weeks ago, but I love that you shelled out your own $13 to see it.

CAROLINE: Make that $13.50, honey.

RYAN: Are you serious?

CAROLINE: Ridiculous, right? But I wanted to check it out because I enjoy the cast - Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Justin Timberlake, Phyllis from The Office and the very funny Lucy Punch.

RYAN: And did it deliver?

CAROLINE: It definitely made me laugh out loud several times. I saw it in a pretty empty theater so it's hard to gauge the comedy level since there was no one else to LOL with. But I was amused.

RYAN: How was JT?

CAROLINE: Honestly, I'm still on the fence with him as an actor. He's fine, but he still feels a little stiff to me, like he's trying too hard or something. He's not terrible, but he's not the world's most natural actor.

RYAN: I tend to agree. What about the rest of the cast?

CAROLINE: They're all good. I totally forgot that Lucy Punch was in it so that was a pleasant surprise; and you'd never know she's British.

RYAN: She's a true chameleon that way.

The redband trailer was so great for this movie and it does deliver on a lot of punch lines, but some of the profanity felt gratuitous. Like, isn't it funny to have a hot blond saying all these nasty words? It still made me laugh, but the comedy felt a little forced sometimes.

RYAN: Do you get to see Cameron and JT make out?

CAROLINE: No, but they have a dry humping scene if you must know.

RYAN: How random! I'll have to see that for myself someday.


CAROLINE: It's a funny movie, but nothing spectacular. I'm glad I saw it because I like the cast a lot, but it's not a must-see summer comedy. I think Bridesmaids is going to be the best comedy of this summer, LBH. But you'd be happy to catch Bad Teacher on cable some lazy weekend.

-- RATING --


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