Monday, September 19, 2011


CAROLINE: I'm a huge fan of J.J. Abrams and all of his work. I've seen all of his TV shows and have been looking forward to this movie but had to miss the press screening for it. How was it?

RYAN: It's excellent. It's seriously good and more than anything, it's a love letter from J.J. to Steven Spielberg, who produced it. And I saw it with my friend, Jay Jay, which was special and coincidental.

CAROLINE: [laughs] Okay. So is it very derivative of a Spielberg movie?

RYAN: Well yes, but in the best way. It's also derivative of LOST but, of course, only to those who watched and look for it.

CAROLINE: I'm dying to ask you what the thing in the trailer turns out to be but you can't give anything away and ruin it.

RYAN: We don't do spoilers so I can't say; but here's what I will: The movie is very exciting. It's a little slow in parts but when it's moving, it's brilliant. And it's so well cast.

CAROLINE: I know Dakota's little sister, Elle Fanning, is in it, but anyone else we care about?

RYAN: Not really. And it's cool that way - you feel the sort of small town-ness about it and are swept into caring about this little gang of kids from the get-go.

CAROLINE: I don't love kids movies but this definitely seems to have an edgier, cooler vibe to it.

RYAN: It's 100% an adventure and I love the whole Super 8 theme that they're making this little movie, and everything, and it's all just really well done and exciting. And some of the shots are pure genius. The effects are not anything too new but definitely still make quite an impact.

CAROLINE: And it's not in 3D.

RYAN: No. It's old-fashioned, American, classic, summer blockbuster.

CAROLINE: And does it have a classic music theme like ET?

RYAN: The soundtrack and score are both brilliant. It takes place in 1979 so the set design, the cars, the hair and costumes are all very period-appropriate and fun to see.

CAROLINE: I think I really would have liked this one. I'll have to make a point in seeing it.

RYAN: And please... See it in the theater. In the big, dark atmosphere it just totally heightens the experience. Jay Jay and I even grabbed each others elbows a couple times. It's the perfect movie for the new generation who didn't see ET, Jurassic Park, or The Goonies. Those are all still must see for everyone but this is one to add to that list of great movies.

-- RATING --


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