Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brad Pitt and Moneyball Land on SI Cover

Brad Pitt has achieved more than his fair share of dreams, yet the actor had room for one more this week as he appeared on the cover of the nation’s most popular sports magazine. “I was just happy to do Sports Illustrated,” Pitt said in his SI interview. “To do something other than the fashion-y things, for something I respect, is much more fun.”

Brad Pitt's Moneyball SI Cover
Pitt stars in Moneyball as Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland A’s, who famously took a chance on players who were undervalued and turned them into a playoff contender that also set records considered untouchable by baseball experts.

Moneyball also stars Jonah Hill (don’t miss our exclusive video interview with him from the Toronto Film Festival September 20), Philip Seymour Hoffman and Chris Pratt.

Pitt told SI writer Austin Murphy he was a little ashamed about how little he knew about the national pastime when he took the role of Beane. “I’m amazed they let me do this movie,” Pitt said. “Baseball and I didn’t get along that well.”

Whether it is a sports film or his work on flicks such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Pitt is drawn to a certain type of emotional pull. “I’m a sucker for the underdog story,” he added. Pitt went on to clarify that he didn’t, in many ways, see Moneyball as strictly a baseball movie, as it transcends sports. “What we were trying to do is tell an unconventional story in the Trojan horse of a conventional baseball movie.”

Also don’t miss our exclusive video interview with the film’s director Bennett Miller on September 20 as Movie Fanatic also takes you to the front row of Pitt’s Toronto Film Festival press conference for Moneyball, debuting on September 21.

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