Tuesday, September 20, 2011


RYAN: I had very low expectations going into this movie because he's not Batman or Superman and we were so underwhelmed by Thor that I wasn't hoping for much.

CAROLINE: ...and?

RYAN: I loved it! I'm, like, as into this as I was X Men: First Class recently. It's an excellent, and excellently entertaining, film.

CAROLINE: Say that three times fast.

RYAN: [laughs] I swear, Green Lantern has one of my favorite origin stories. I was totally into all the other-wroldliness, which we detested in Thor, and it's totally Top Gun meets comic book hero.

CAROLINE: I don't think I'd care.

RYAN: No, you really would have liked this too. It's as exciting and cool as any good superhero movie but then also felt so much more fresh; maybe because it's not a character we know so well. But even all the other story constructs, like, the love story, the good versus evil and the plot... all very engaging and nice.

CAROLINE: How was the general reaction in the audience?

RYAN: Great - there were some really intense and exciting moments and it's fun being in the big, dark audience at those times. And the villain is actually really scary.

CAROLINE: And this is in 3D. Was it a waste?

RYAN: Surprisingly no. I saw this with Jonathan and he agreed it's one of the better 3D movies since the whole digital thing started... which bodes well for Harry Potter's final film next month, also in 3D... I'm so hoping it looks great!

CAROLINE: I know you can barely stand waiting for that anymore. How was Blake Lively?

RYAN: She was good. She certainly does her best Lois Lane. I was excited to see Angela Bassett in it and also Tim Robbins.

CAROLINE: What about Peter Sarsgaard and Mark Strong?

RYAN: OMG I love Mark Strong. He's, like, my favorite snaggle-toothed actor. And Peter's very good in this. He gives a subtle, nuanced performance that is impressive.

CAROLINE: I've always liked him.

RYAN: The music is good and it's just under two hours and you have to stay at least part way through the credits.

CAROLINE: I doubt I'll ever see it, but good to know. They're all doing that now.

RYAN: This is def one for the big screen!

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