Thursday, September 15, 2011


CAROLINE: There?s, wait for it, another superhero movie out this weekend but I think it?s one you?re actually looking forward to?

RYAN: Well comparatively I was hoping this one would be good and I?m glad to report it is!

CAROLINE: That?s nice to hear. What did you like about it?

RYAN: Well in many ways it?s not really a superhero movie. I mean it is technically and Captain America is based on the comic books but he?s really just a regular guy in many ways.

CAROLINE: ?but with some exceptional powers?

RYAN: [laughs] Well yes. Chris Evans plays the title role and I like him. He?s a very likable guy.

CAROLINE: On screen anyway.

RYAN: It?s true. I?ve never met him.

CAROLINE: I thought you might not like this one, after watching the trailer since it?s a war movie.

RYAN: I do dislike war movies as a rule, but this is more of an army movie that takes place during WW II and for some reason I was into it; partly because of the casting, including Dominic Cooper as Stark, the man who later becomes Robert Downey Jr?s dad in the Iron Man movies.

CAROLINE: Oh that?s pretty cool. How was the 3D?

RYAN: It?s pretty good. The effects overall are decent but nothing revolutionary. It more rides on story which I was into. It?s an underdog story which I can always get behind.

CAROLINE: Did the ending indicate anything about The Avengers?

RYAN: Well all these movies are linking together so yes and that part is very cool.

CAROLINE: What else did you like about it?

RYAN: There's a great little musical theater number in the middle which I loved because it was the first time I?ve seen a musical number in 3D. I wouldn?t mind a 3D movie musical. Maybe someday Baz Luhrmann will covert Moulin Rouge into 3D.

CAROLINE: Don?t hold your breath.

RYAN: I have to tell you though, one thing made this the worst screening experience ever.

CAROLINE: What?s that?

RYAN: There was no air conditioning in the theater and it?s hotter than hell in NYC this week. I was literally dying.

CAROLINE: That's heinous.

RYAN: Aside from that, this movie is a nice escape at the movies.

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