Monday, September 12, 2011


RYAN: It?s the first movie we?ve made it to together in a while and what a nice one to see together.

CAROLINE: Crazy Stupid Love is one of the movies I really wanted to see this summer. It stars Steve Carell and bevy of others including Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei and Kevin Bacon. And I?m so thrilled I got to see it because I loved it.

RYAN: It?s great dramedy. And though it?s not a little indie movie, had it come out later in the year, it could have gone the route of Little Miss Sunshine or Juno. The writing, casting, all good.

CAROLINE: It?s one of those I-laughed-I-cried-movies for sure. I was weeping, possibly even more than I laughed. But I did LOL several times. Steve can do no wrong in my eyes. Ryan is just hot. It has a couple silly, over-the-top moments of a broad comedy but I can forgive that.

RYAN: It?s a really attractive cast. Marisa Tomei seems to never age. Ryan Gosling?s body is sick. And I love Emma Stone?s career now. She seems to be having so much fun.

CAROLINE: Totally.

RYAN: There are some surprises, which I always like in a movie. It?s such a heartwarming movie.

CAROLINE: I appreciate that it can be funny and sweet at the same time. That?s rare. It?s got a great message about love and family and what?s important while being hilarious.

RYAN: You definitely feel the stakes on the line for theses characters? love lives. Kevin Bacon is always great. I love a good makeover story and this one is funny but I wish it had been a bit more dramatic. Steve Carell basically gets new shoes.

CAROLINE: [laughs] And it?s fun to see a guy-on-guy makeover.

RYAN: I also really noticed the mix in set design. The bar and Ryan?s pad are very cool and then you see complete suburbia on the other end.

CAROLINE: The costumes too.

RYAN: And Josh Groban.

CAROLINE: Yeah ? hi. What was that about? And his hair was the worst hair I?d every seen which is just kinda how his hair is, I guess. Is he trying to pull a Justin Timberlake 'cause I don?t think it?s going to work. He?s not bringin? sexy back, let?s just say.

RYAN: [laughs]


CAROLINE: I really, really liked this movie. I think it?s more heartwarming than I expected it to be but super funny and pitch perfect casting. I'm so glad we got to see it together.

RYAN: It?s very sweet and romantic; gave me some ideas. It?s a good night at the movies. Who doesn?t enjoy a good dramedy?

-- RATING --


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