Wednesday, September 21, 2011


CAROLINE: I'm never in the mood for a kids' movie and although I like Jim Carrey, I was thankful not to have to attend this one. How did you like it?

RYAN: I liked it very much, thank you. It's very well done and entertaining.

CAROLINE: You're such a big kid.

RYAN: I am. And I brought my friend Aimee with me, who also thought it was great.

CAROLINE: Family films appeal more to some than others. How was Jim? Did he do his typical schtick?

RYAN: You know, he never turns me off the way Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller do.

CAROLINE: Yeah and to go from the terrific performance in last year's I Love You Phillip Morris to this - he certainly is versatile.

RYAN: I've always liked him. And there are other greats in the cast like Sir Angela Lansbury.

CAROLINE: [laughs] Don't you mean Dame? Is she a Dame?

RYAN: I don't think she is, but she should be, right? And Carla Gugino plays Jim's ex in this and she's always good. She's striking.

CAROLINE: I do tend to enjoy her. So what's up with the penguins in this movie?

RYAN: They're so friggin' cute and funny. I think they're mostly CGI but the effects are so realistic it really doesn't matter. And it's not just a kids' movie. There's a little bit of romance in there too.

CAROLINE: Does the romance include one or more of the penguins?

RYAN: [laughs] No. It's of the human varietal. Another thing I immensely enjoyed in the film is that they filmed at Tavern on the Green, which sadly, is no more in Central Park.

CAROLINE: Oh that's cool.

RYAN: I loved that place and it was such an iconic part of NYC that it was so nice but also sad to see it so beautifully shot in this movie.

CAROLINE: I love seeing New York in movies... in New York.

RYAN: It's just over an hour and a half so it's the perfect length. It's clever with a nice message and very, I have to say it... cute. I didn't find it at all tedious and it's just a fun, nice kids movie that fits in well among the summer blockbuster landscape.

CAROLINE: I doubt it will do gangbusters numbers but you never know.

RYAN: At least it will engage and entertain the adults as well as the kids in the audience.

CAROLINE: Sounds like a win-win.

-- RATING --


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