Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trailer Tuesdays!

RYAN: The trailer for Drive is exciting but ultimately, it appears to be just about a dude who is a terrific driver in dangerous situations.

CAROLINE: Well, it also has a really great cast. We love Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan. Though it does look like a total boy movie.

RYAN: True. I actually really like the end of the trailer with the montage that plays over the ironic music.

CAROLINE: That part is cool.

RYAN: It does look like a fast-paced flick though; so if the trailer grabs you, it's prob one to catch on the big screen. Check it out:

CAROLINE: Also new this weekend is I Don't Know How She Does It Starring Carrie Badshaw.

RYAN: Can she even make a movie outside of NYC? Or does she have some sort of contract with the Statue of Liberty?

CAROLINE: [laughs] I'm sure I don't know. But let's be honest- this movie is right up my alley. I love a romcom and I can never get enough SJP.

RYAN: She is terribly likable. But every time I see this commercial or trailer all I can think is "rental."

CAROLINE: It may be, but I def wanna see it either way. Here's the trailer:


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