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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ? Movie Trailer

The plot of the movie is such that these British retirees have outsourced their retirement to India because it is less expensive to stay there and the land itself is quite exotic, beautiful and a get-away from the humdrum of the city life in England. There is a newly restored Marigold Hotel in India and [...]


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CAROLINE: I was so excited to see Friends With Kids since I have thoroughly enjoyed Jennifer Westfeldt's past endeavors. Plus the cast is awesome and it just seemed like a story that's totally up my alley.

RYAN: Me too! I'm dying to see this but couldn't make the screening. Please tell me it was good! People are even calling it a mini-Bridesmaids reunion since practically half the cast is in this movie too.

CAROLINE: This is true - it's got Kristen Wiig, Jon Hamm, Maya Rudolph and cutie Chris O'Dowd. But they're the supporting players here. The leads are Adam Scott from Parks & Rec and Jennifer W. herself, who also wrote and directed the film.

RYAN: I loved her in Kissing Jessica Stein. So how is her latest venture? I believe it's her directorial debut.

CAROLINE: It is, and I so wanted to love this movie; but alas, I could not. It's not a total dud, but it was disappointing.

RYAN: Oh no!! Why?

CAROLINE: Something didn't click. The dialogue wasn't snappy enough, it felt slow and they didn't use enough music. Some scenes were close to deadly and I was like, "Why is there no music here?"

RYAN: That's so Raven! Is it supposed to be a comedy?

CAROLINE: It's much more drama than comedy, but there are a few comedic moments. Given this cast, I should have been doubled over laughing at the funny parts, but I wasn't. Not even close.

RYAN: You're making me sad.

CAROLINE: I'm sad too, believe me. I thought I would love this movie. But something was missing. A lot of it had to do with the utter lack of chemistry between the two leads.

RYAN: But isn't the point that they're BFFs who aren't into each other but then decide to have a baby together?

CAROLINE: Yes, but even their friendship didn't work for me. I hate to say it, but Jennifer Westfeldt was the weakest link. Her acting just isn't all that awesome. I really like her and find her appealing, and I even loved that short-lived sitcom she was on, Notes from the Underbelly; but she didn't work for me in this. I wanted more. Better writing, more humor, better drama.

RYAN: You'd think they'd do some great ad libbing, at least with a cast of this caliber.

CAROLINE: Totally! The jokes were few and far between and when they were there, they weren't that funny.

RYAN: Isn't Megan Fox in it?

CAROLINE: Yes, and she's insanely gorgeous. Her acting's decent too. And Ed Burns has a small part. Again, an amazing cast; I just didn't love the final product. And it's a total rip-off of When Harry Met Sally in parts. I can certainly understand wanting to tip your hat to that incredible movie, but this was too much.

RYAN: Should I at least watch it on cable when it comes out?

CAROLINE: Oh totally! It's worth seeing if you like these actors, and it explores a topic that many people can relate to, albeit from the POV of wealthy Manhattanites and Brooklynites. I certainly didn't hate it, but I was expecting so much more.

-- RATING --


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'Game Of Thrones' Season Two: Winter Returns To Westeros

Winter is coming ? and with it comes the season two premiere of ?Game of Thrones,? just days away! And you know what that means: incest, murder, and wolves! Being lucky enough to get an early sneak peek at the first episode of season two, our ?Talk Nerdy? experts are devoting this week?s entire episode [...]


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CAROLINE: I can't believe you went to see this. I would and did boycott this movie, just from the trailer alone.

RYAN: I was seriously dreading going to the screening. These are the times when seeing movies really is much less a labor of love than usual.

CAROLINE: So how bad is it?

RYAN: Well it's bad but not as all-bad as I'd expected; however, that's gotta be because my expectations were so low.

CAROLINE: So break it down for me.

RYAN: It's kiddie porn.

CAROLINE: What?!?!

RYAN: [laughs] Well there is like a lot of underage nudity of the bosom variety. I can only imagine the creepy old men this film will appeal to.

CAROLINE: I'm disgusted.

RYAN: It's a very loose story... about the high school party to shut down all high school parties: the epic party. And it's a bit wannabe Risky Business meets Kids but without edge, wit, good writing or even good acting. It was like watching a high school play rehearsal.

CAROLINE: That sounds atrocious.

RYAN: That being said, I didn't want to walk out and I didn't sleep at all during it. I was kinda waiting for someone to die or something super dramatic and while there is some climax it's not that.

CAROLINE: This is the opposite of a glowing review.

RYAN: Well it's a very cliche movie. The nerdy boy, the girl crush, the parents go away, the out of control party, the family dog, dad's nice car... the cheesy best friends. I suppose if you're currently in high school there may be some appeal.

CAROLINE: We're clearly not the target audience.

RYAN: The audience I screened with didn't really react either. It's just a cheap, cliche film.

-- RATING --


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Movie News - Angelina Gets Disneyfied!

RYAN: I'll take all the new fairy tale movies I can get, frankly, even though they're not all going to be winners.

CAROLINE: Yeah, last year's Red Riding Hood, anyone?

RYAN: Case in point. This year we have 2 Snow Whites and now Angelina Jolie has confirmed she'll play one of Disney's most ruthless villains, Maleficent, in a live action adaptation of Sleeping Beauty.

CAROLINE: Angie certainly has the arched brows for the role.

RYAN: [laughs] Indeed she does. I like the idea of her as a meanie.

CAROLINE: She does play action star and sympathetic roles rather well. I think the last baddy she played was in Girl, Interrupted.

RYAN: It is a very interesting choice for her. It certainly doesn't hurt to do a family film considering it's something her children can see.

CAROLINE: That's true. She's done her share of R-rated films.

RYAN: I'm already looking forward to it; hope it does well and inspires even more.

CAROLINE: You and your fairy tales, honey! You'll never get enough!


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Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dazzle at the Oscar?

The heartthrobs of millions, neither one of them are unfamiliar to the prestigious award function as both have attended it previously.�Robert Pattinson made his presence felt in the 2009 edition as he was involved in a romantic tribute in the company of the lovely Amanda Seyfried.�Kristen Stewart made a dazzling entry in the following year [...]


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RYAN: I saw this movie on Valentine's Day and it is the perfect date movie.

CAROLINE: I saw it the week before Valentine's Day and while I wanted to have high hopes for it, I didn't bother to after I'd heard all the drama about them switching the release date from V-day to Friday because the movie was tracking so poorly. And wow, is it lame.

RYAN: I couldn't disagree more. I'm actually surprised to hear you say that. Although I did find it over-the-top at times, it was all in good fun and I actually think it was a cute, complex and fresh approach to the rom com genre.

CAROLINE: The premise was definitely interesting and unique, and I thought it looked cute the first time I saw the trailer. But right from the first scene, I knew exactly what we were getting from this movie, and it wasn't pretty. I'm all for a willing suspension of disbelief, but this one took it way too far.

RYAN: It's a love triangle and I really liked how different each relationship was. It's almost like two rom coms in one. Most films in this genre are just so tired and predictable but I actually didn't know which of the two I was rooting for till near the end. That was awesome. And then the ending is fully satisfying.

CAROLINE: It's satisfying in that she does actually pick one dude over the other. But that last action scene was so ridiculous, and such a Speed rip-off, that I was practically rolling my eyes in the theater. The script is pretty ridiculous as a whole.

RYAN: Reese, of course, looks fantastic and plays her role effortlessly. And while I was initially annoyed by the outright ploy to appeal to dudes by mixing in the action elements, I really found they added to the movie's excitement and comedy.

CAROLINE: Reese does look fab, and I love that she's almost 36 and still playing the super hot chick role.

RYAN: I will say, however, the action scenes were not edited well. I was surprised that McG directed this since he previously did wonderful action in the Charlie's Angels movies.

CAROLINE: Totally! He also did a great job with Terminator Salvation, so I expected more from him. One person who did not disappoint though, was Chelsea Handler. Her acting is suspect - have you seen her horrible sitcom? - but she's absolutely hilar and pitch perfect in this.

RYAN: I totally agree! I was dubious about her casting in a big-screener and LBH, she kinda plays herself. She must have improv'ed a bit. But she was terrif.

CAROLINE: The casting of two lesser-known male actors in the lead roles was interesting to me. Chris Pine has no nose, so I can't find him that cute. Tom Hardy is kind of sexy in bad British teeth way.

RYAN: I liked both Chris and Tom in this. I think Tom is the better looking one too, but they actually had good chemistry both as friends and with Reese. I bought them in these roles.

CAROLINE: I guess I did, but their jobs were so unrealistic and the way they translated their CIA skills into wooing Reese was just so unforgivably over the top. And what was Angela Bassett doing in the movie for 2 minutes as their boss? Talk about a thankless, useless role.


RYAN: It's a super fun, funny and fresh romantic comedy. It's the best definition of a date movie. I was on a date, myself, and with another couple and we all really enjoyed it.

CAROLINE: We'll have to agree to disagree here. It's a very poorly written and poorly made movie that happens to star Reese Witherspoon. It's silly, not funny and unrealistic to the max. Chelsea Handler is awesome but with the exception of her and Reese's hotness, I was not feeling this movie at all.

-- RATING --


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Sequel to Twins will be called ?Triplets? and add Eddie Murphy to cast!

You know I thought the idea of having a sequel to the 1988 film might be a tad too late and maybe...

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Five Action Heroes Justin Bieber Should Punk

by Fallon Prinzivalli Much to every celebrity's chagrin, "Punk'd" is back. This time around Hollywood's A-listers are turning on each other as Ashton Kutcher relinquishes his role as Prank King to a different celeb every week. Justin Bieber hosted last night's premiere bringing Taylor Swift to tears when she thought she destroyed a wedding, and [...]


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'Anchorman 2': What Should Ron Burgundy Do Next?

"Anchorman 2" is officially on the way, and the MTV Movies team is officially way too pumped for the long awaited sequel. We've already run down the cameos we want to see and the long road Ron Burgundy traveled on his way back to the big screen, but our obsession is far from over: until [...]


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Mirror Mirror Movie Review: Tarsem Singh's Snow White

The Snow White express has started. In a move reminiscent of when Armageddon and Deep Impact both arrived in theaters within months of each other, Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman land in movie houses in much the same manner. Yet, to compare the two is hardly fair. The only thing congruent in both is the lead character whose skin is white as snow. Mirror Mirror is a family film and as such it truly will hit a nerve with those audiences in the best of ways.

Lily Collins Stars in Mirror Mirror
After a series of R-rated films such as The Cell and The Immortals, director Tarsem Singh was ready to tackle a family flick. He has found a perfect muse in Snow White (Lily Collins), the Seven Dwarfs and that deliciously devilish Evil Queen (Julia Roberts). The auteur’s vivacious visual style he’s shown on previous works is effervescent on Mirror Mirror.

In this live action version of the classic Snow White story, our heroine has been locked in her castle since her father disappeared in battle -- prior to that he had married a shrew, well, at least according to Snow. With the King out of the picture, the Evil Queen has been left to rule at will which usually involves suffering common folk and a legion of royal workers who are terrified at her every whim.

Knowing that Snow White is the rightful heir to the throne is why Roberts keeps Collins well out of sight. Things change drastically when a prince arrives who has millions and is in need of help from a pillaging band of dwarfs. He can save the kingdom from the queen’s reckless spending, simply by marrying her. Only thing… he has eyes for Snow when she appears during a royal party in his honor. When it comes to the story itself, we leave you with this: You think you know the Snow White fairy tale? In the hands of Singh, audiences will realize that this historic story has permeated their subconscious. The helmer has things happen on screen armed with the knowledge that he has an audience’s history with the story already in his pocket. He can start an adventure in the third act, literally after the opening credits.

After Singh’s turn bringing Snow White to life, Movie Fanatic cannot wait to see what the movie magician comes up with next.


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It's 'About Time' Zooey Deschanel Decided to Return to the Big Screen

The charming Zooey Deschanel has been busy with her Fox comedy series "New Girl," so we haven't seen her on the big screen since the wholly disappointing fantasy comedy Your Highness. However, it sounds like she'll be making at least one film while her series is on spring break as Variety reports she is in talks to star in About Time, a new film from Love Actually and Pirate Radio director Richard Curtis. In addition, Domhnall Gleeson, who you might recognize as Bill Weasley from the Harry Potter franchise, is in talks to take the other lead role in a story combining time travel and romance, and that sounds great. Read on!

The story is said to follow a young man named Tim who who comes from a family of time-travelers. When Tim learns of his unique gift from his father, he uses his newfound abilities to change situations for the ...


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Friday, March 30, 2012

Redband Trailer: American Pie: Reunion

The entire gang is back yet again and no one is happier about that than Tara Reid, my own...

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The Avengers: Another International Trailer, New Scenes

The latest international trailer for The Avengers has some familiar scenes, yet it is the new scenes with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) that are the selling point here. Sure, we get the Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark speech about, "We have a Hulk" again. But, it’s so brilliant, it is a delight to witness it again. The Marvel superhero gathering also teases a bit more of what S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters looks like where Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is assembling his team of awesomeness.


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Boy:�Sometimes�An Audience�Just�Needs�One

Taika Waititi, known for his work with fellow New Zealanders Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie on Flight of the Conchords, has returned with his sophomore feature, Boy. Succinctly titled, the story is emotionally complex–a juxtaposition against the simplicity of the title. Set at the height of Michael Jackson’s popularity in 1984 (the year Thriller came [...]


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The Avengers: Another International Trailer, New Scenes

The latest international trailer for The Avengers has some familiar scenes, yet it is the new scenes with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) that are the selling point here. Sure, we get the Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark speech about, "We have a Hulk" again. But, it’s so brilliant, it is a delight to witness it again. The Marvel superhero gathering also teases a bit more of what S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters looks like where Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is assembling his team of awesomeness.


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Five Reasons To See 'Wrath Of The Titans'

Despite some negative reviews for the original, "Clash of the Titans," the "Wrath of the Titans" is upon us (in 3D, no less) to follow-up its $500 million predecessor. For the second adventure of Sam Worthington's Perseus, daddy Zeus comes a-callin' once again to ask his demi-god son to, you know, save all of mankind?again. [...]


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Dystopian Teen Sci-Fi Novel 'The Loners' Headed to the Big Screen

With The Hunger Games currently ravaging the US box office, it comes as no surprise that the rest of Hollywood wants to capitalize on Lionsgate's success. When there's one box office hit, ten more just like it spring into development, but rarely do these second wave efforts make as big an impact as the original. (See Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant for how not to replicate Twilight's domination.) Now, a company called Black Forest has their sights on teen sci-fi as Variety reports they've bought the upcoming novel Quarantine: The Loners, a high school survival story set after a worldwide disease kills adults. Read on!

Quarantine: The Loners (I've also seen it referred to as the more pun-heavy title Quaranteen) follows two brothers quarantined in a high school after a worldwide outbreak kills anyone who has developed past puberty. Described as The Warriors meets Lord of the Flies, the thousand ...


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Julianne Moore Heads to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Directorial Debut

The charismatic Joseph Gordon-Levitt has worked with some of the biggest names in the business over the past decade. A few years ago, he started his own collaborative production company called hitRECord, where he and a community of users make short films, music videos, and all sorts of cool projects. But Gordon-Levitt is ready for the big leagues now, recently setting Scarlett Johansson to star in his feature directorial debut, which he also wrote and in which he will act. Now another big-name redhead has joined with Julianne Moore, coming off Game Change and a stunning portrayal of Sarah Palin in talks. Read on!

The project is still untitled, but it's being described as a sexy comedy about about a "modern day Don Juan," and his quest to become less of a "selfish dick." We knew that there was one more female lead role to cast, and Variety says Moore has ...


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The Hunger Games Movie

The Hunger Games based from the best-selling trilogy book of Suzanne Collins is now a big blockbuster hit movie of 2012. The Hunger Games was indeed one of the most anticipated movies before 2011 closes, now it is finally here. Verdict time indeed! The Hunger Games As a big fan of the book The Hunger … Continue reading


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John Carter movie trailer 3D

The movie is directed by Andrew Stanton who has also co-written it along with Mark Andrews and Michael Chabon. John Carter has been produced by Jim Morris, Colin Wilson, and Lindsey Collins. The film has music done by Michael Giachhino. Walt Disney has distributed the movie which should hit the theaters in the US and [...]


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Get ready for the return of the Anchorman

It’s been 8 long hard years since the last time I saw a good news broadcast. This may have...

This is just an excerpt of the article. Please visit the site to read more!


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Trailer Tuesdays!

RYAN: Opening just in time for Valentine's Day - or actually a little late for it - is the new romantic action flick This Means War. This was scheduled to open today but got bumped to Friday at the last minute.

CAROLINE: From what I've read, they're trying to distance it from The Vow, which was tracking better than this movie was. And after its huge opening weekend, the people behind This Means War ought to be worried!

RYAN: Either way, Valentine's Day is one of my favorites.

CAROLINE: You always buy me candy on V Day. And I love it!

RYAN: We have been known to exchange a gift or several. And this year we both get some Elle Woods!

CAROLINE: [laughs] We really don't need a third Legally Blonde, and mercifully we're not getting one after that wretched sequel. But this looks pretty cute albeit formulaic. I can get on board with Chris Pine and Tom Hardy battling it out over Reese. She's hot property. Interesting choice of leading men though; I'm kinda psyched they're both up-and-comers and not well-established actors.

RYAN: You ain't just whistling Dixie! Here's the trailer:

CAROLINE: Next up is a sequel I can barely stand the thought of. I pretty much despise Nicolas Cage, and I refused to see the first Ghost Rider, and I most certainly won't be seeing this one either.

RYAN: Settle down! I saw and actually really liked the first one. I haven't been champing at the bit for a follow-up, but I'll gladly take it anyway. Here's the trailer:


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Bel Ami: Robert Pattinson's Poster Premiere

In Bel Ami, Breaking Dawn Part 2 star Robert Pattinson portrays Georges Duroy, a man who will do what it takes to make it in 1890s Paris. He is climbing the social ladder of society, seducing one woman at a time. Among those that he sets his sights on are characters played by Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas. The film’s latest poster has debuted and features the actor front and center, surrounded by his cinematic conquests.

Bel Ami Poster 2
Bel Ami lands in theaters June 8, but will have a run on VOD beginning May 4.


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Thursday, March 29, 2012


RYAN: Join me this Friday night at the 7pm showing of Dorothy and the Witches of Oz in Milwaukee, WI at AMC Mayfair Mall 18 as I host a special Q&A session with the writer/director and the cast of this film. Hope to see you there!

CAROLINE: Just when I thought you wouldn't make it after the Harry Potter series came to an end, there's a veritable onslaught of new Wizard of Oz films on the horizon!

RYAN: I am obsessed with both topics so it really is perfect timing. Three new Oz movies coming out over the next thirteen months and the first is from Leigh Scott, a writer/director who, coincidentally, is from my hometown, Milwaukee.

CAROLINE: There's no place like home.

RYAN: [laughs] I'm actually proud of his achievement. I haven't properly met him yet but it's quite ambitious to take on a sequel to The Wizard of Oz. And then to please the fans really says something. All the diehard Oz fan groups on Facebook and Twitter are abuzz about this movie. Plus it's already done well overseas where it appeared as a two-part TV miniseries.

CAROLINE: Clearly you've done your homework. Is anybody famous in it?

RYAN: Christopher Lloyd plays The Wizard.

CAROLINE: OMG I loved him in Back to the Future!

RYAN: Sean Astin and Billy Boyd from The Lord of the Rings are also in it. Sean plays a funny tiny person.

CAROLINE: Like a munchkin?

RYAN: No. More like an itty bitty person and he's comical. Billy is Dorothy's romantic interest. Then there's, wait for it... Mia Sara as one of the more interesting Oz characters L. Frank Baum ever wrote about in his 13 sequels to The Wizard of Oz.

CAROLINE: Mia Sara? What rock did she crawl out from? I only remember her from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

RYAN: C'mon. And Legend with Tom Cruise?

CAROLINE: Never saw it.

RYAN: She's a treat. Eliza Swenson as the Witch of the West is evil-brewing-under-the-surface fabulous and then there's one actor who really stole the show for me.


RYAN: Ari Zagaris. He plays a guy who works with Dorothy and he and a couple other actors are just so brilliantly cast in very poignant roles... their casting is a nod to the original Wizard of Oz. I IMDB'd this Ari and he's also in the Oscar nominated Best Picture Moneyball.

CAROLINE: Oh that's cool.

RYAN: He's really amazing. Overall, for an independent film, without the backing of a major movie studio, this movie looks phenomenal. The creative team was going for a classic '80s blockbuster feel ala Ghostbusters and it looks even better than that. The effects and environments remind me of Alfonso Cuaron's A Little Princess, which is one of mine, and JK Rowling's, favorite films; which legend has it, inspired her to choose Cuaron as director for Harry Potter 3.

CAROLINE: That is quite telling.

RYAN: The other great thing this film has going for it is the story. It successfully blends some of L. Frank Baum's lore with a truly inspired new plot that grounds this sequel into a fantasy-meets-reality situation. The script excellently draws upon Baum's work and then takes Oz to new heights in NYC, of all places. CAROLINE: Was there anything you didn't like?

RYAN: Really no. Some edits were a bit erratic, but this is a cut-down from a longer piece. And the only narrative note that caught me off guard was the use of the Jabberwocky from Alice in Wonderland. But that's just me speaking as an Oz purist. I wouldn't want to squelch the filmmaker's creative instincts. At least it stays within the realm of fairy tales.

CAROLINE: So what's your bottom line?

RYAN: It's a truly magical film for all ages. It's colorful, fun, funny, appropriately dark at times, and ultimately fantastic entertainment. I'm super satisfied as an Oz fan and engaged as a critic so I have to urge you to catch this film on the big screen if you can. It's playing in select cities. Check the official website for showtimes.

-- RATING --


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Cuaron, Gondry and More Look to Tell 'Tales from the Hanging Head'

Independently, directors Michael Gondry and Alfonso Cuaron have delivered some of the most original and innovative films with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Children of Men. Not only were the stories compelling, but their shooting style and techniques have been studied by filmmakers everywhere as they pull of mind-bending shot sequences and practical special effects shots. Now the two will join forces (kind of) in a new anthology film called Tales from the Hanging Head, a European production for children that will also featuring plenty more international directors with their own segments. More below!

The Playlist caught this news at The Huffington Post in an interview with filmmaker Sara Driver, the inspiration behind Jim Jarmusch's film Broken Flowers, and a prominent indie filmmaker in the 80's and 90's who was seemingly left behind when the scene moved forward. Currently her work is part of a recent retrospective at the ...


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'Bridesmaids' Star Rebel Wilson Feels 'Pain & Gain' with Michael Bay

With the spring start date in Miami just around the corner, the cast of Michael Bay's small budget heist flick Pain & Gain starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson is making its final cast additions. EW says the latest to join the mix is the up and coming Australian funny girl Rebel Wilson. After making a small but memorable appearance as Kristen Wiig's roommate in Bridesmaids, the actress has landed more roles in films like What to Expect When You're Expecting, Chris Colfer's Struck by Lightning and the Sundance selected Bachelorette, which takes a darker turn than the wedding comedy that launched Wilson's career.

Pain & Gain follows Wahlberg, Johnson and Anthony Mackie in the true story of a group of bodybuilders who engaged in a campaign of kidnapping, extortion and murder in Florida. Wilson will play Ramona Eldridge, who winds up in prison for her involvement in the scheme, though ...


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Box Office Results

  1. The Vow, $41.7 million
  2. Safe House, $39.3 million
  3. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, $27.6 million
  4. Star Wars: Episode 1?The Phantom Menace, $23 million
  5. Chronicle, $12.3 million
  6. The Woman in Black, $10.3 million
  7. The Grey, $5.1 million
  8. Big Miracle, $3.9 million
  9. The Descendants, $3.5 million
10. Underworld Awakening, $2.5 million

RYAN: I'm glad but also surprised that The Vow did so well this weekend.

CAROLINE: You are?! I'm shocked. It's not even a romantic comedy and it managed to beat the new Denzel action movie and Star Wars in 3D!

RYAN: It is quite the feat. I liked it more than you did and Channing Tatum must be thrilled; but it must really be due to the fact audiences loved Rachel so much in The Notebook and she just works brilliantly in this genre.

CAROLINE: Agreed, but I'm still dying to prove she can do something else at this point.

RYAN: As long as she keeps working, I won't complain. She is a very talented actress.

CAROLINE: Star Wars did ok. I, personally, don't know anyone who went to see it this weekend but I imagine George Lucas was hoping it would have done better.

RYAN: Yeah, it can't have been cheap to convert that to 3D but once it come out on 3D dvd, it'll sell to the diehard Star Wars fans, even the ones who don't yet own a 3D TV, I bet.

CAROLINE: Between that and Journey 2 in 3D, I guess the weekend proves 3D isn't the draw Hollywood hopes it would be.

RYAN: Safe House turned out to be the second biggest opening of Denzel's career.

CAROLINE: I still wanna see it.


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Check out the 2nd Trailer for The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen is bat shit crazy to the point of being a genius, to many Bruno was a let down...

This is just an excerpt of the article. Please visit the site to read more!


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An 'Anvil! The Story of Anvil' Sequel Wants to Bring Us World Peace

Though the documentary seemed like it easily could've been a mockumentary in the same veing as This is Spinal Tap, director Sacha Gervasi painted an interesting, sometimes funny, but always honest, portrait of a lost metal band in Anvil! The Story of Anvil. The doc follows now middle-aged founders� Robb Reiner and Steve "Lips" Kudlow as they recover from a disastrous tour of Europe and deal with the struggles of being out of the spotlight and trying to get back in it. Now, after the success of the first film, another one is coming in the form of Anvil 2: The Quest For World Peace. Yes, this is apparently a real thing. Details below!

The Daily Swarm (via The Playlist) has the news which comes from the band's Facebook page:
Robb: ?Me and Lips are gonna try to rally the world and throw a peace concert in Israel, and they?re gonna film ...


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RYAN: Aren't you just beside yourself with joy there's a new cartoon movie opening today?

CAROLINE: I honestly hadn't even heard of this film until you told me you were going to the screening. How embarrassing is that?

RYAN: Well LBH, you're more than out of the loop when it comes to animated films, let alone Japanese animated movies. However, this one is voiced by American actors and distributed by Disney. And it's by the powerhouse team that made animated insta-classics like Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, among others...

CAROLINE: No shocker, it's like you're speaking a foreign language to me.

RYAN: They're all great titles and this is another one to add to the bunch. When released in the UK, it was voiced by Mark Strong and Saoirse Ronan and I would have loooved to see that version but I'm also quite content with the American cast.

CAROLINE: Who's in it?

RYAN: Disney Channel stars Bridgit Mendler and David Henrie are the main voices.

CAROLINE: I'm still lost.

RYAN: But then there's Amy Poehler and Will Arnett.


RYAN: They play hubby and wife and she's comedic but his voice is very serious throughout.

CAROLINE: That's a bummer. Anyone else?

RYAN: Carol Burnett! And she's actually high-lar. She doesn't have a ton of scenes but the character she voices is quite shrill and comical and she brilliantly goes with it.

CAROLINE: We don't normally give away plot but what's this basically about?

RYAN: It's based on the popular children's' book The Borrowers about little people who live in the walls and beneath the floor and borrow things from the house to survive. It's also like the 80s animated TV series The Littles of which I was a fan as a kid.

CAROLINE: I can't say it rings a bell.

RYAN: Well the little people in this are different characters but it is very similar. There's actually a lot of heart to the story and the script gets kinda deep.

CAROLINE: So what age range would you say this is for?

RYAN: I was thinking it was a bit slow and tedious in some parts so I would have recommended this for the more mature child, if that makes sense; but there were kids of all ages at the screening and they weren't restless at all. So it must work on all levels. It's also refreshing seeing classic animation again.

CAROLINE: Yeah that's a rare treat for animation fans these days.

RYAN: It's a really sweet, nice movie for kids with enough depth to engage the adults in the audience. I'm a fan of this team so I'm saying see it though I don't think it would loose too much sparkle with a home screening on DVD.

-- RATING --


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It's 'About Time' Zooey Deschanel Decided to Return to the Big Screen

The charming Zooey Deschanel has been busy with her Fox comedy series "New Girl," so we haven't seen her on the big screen since the wholly disappointing fantasy comedy Your Highness. However, it sounds like she'll be making at least one film while her series is on spring break as Variety reports she is in talks to star in About Time, a new film from Love Actually and Pirate Radio director Richard Curtis. In addition, Domhnall Gleeson, who you might recognize as Bill Weasley from the Harry Potter franchise, is in talks to take the other lead role in a story combining time travel and romance, and that sounds great. Read on!

The story is said to follow a young man named Tim who who comes from a family of time-travelers. When Tim learns of his unique gift from his father, he uses his newfound abilities to change situations for the ...


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'Eagle Eye' Director D.J. Caruso Will Reverse Gravity for 'Invertigo'

Though his last venture into sci-fi resulted in the lackluster adaptation of I Am Number Four, director D.J. Caruso is sticking with the genre for his next project. Deadline reports Caruso is in talks to direct an original film called Invertigo, a new drama from Ehren Kruger and Bradley Camp that sees a NASA satellite that crash-lands in New York City, and it creates a ?reverse-G vortex? where gravity is inverted. Apparently some sort of rescue mission (presumably to reverse the reverse-G vortex) must succeed in order for the planet to survive. It's a big budget film set up at Sony that's looking to get off the ground quickly.

While the concept sounds interesting, a script from Kruger, who has written horror films like Scream 3 and The Ring, not to mention the Transformers sequels Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon doesn't inspire much confidence. The other writer, ...


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Oscar Predictions

RYAN: Shut it down! The Oscars are this Sunday night and for as long as we've been waiting for it, I can't believe it's just a couple days away!

CAROLINE: I know. It seems like all the other awards shows happened ages ago, so it's about time, Oscars!

RYAN: I'm beyond psyched Billy Crystal's back as host. He's just the best there ever was.

CAROLINE: He has traditionally always been great, but I'm scared of his receding hairline and recent plastic surgery face. Also, with him as host and Brian Grazer producing, this might be your grandma's Oscars.

RYAN: I am a bit saddened about the lack of musicality this year. We love a good musical moment and several at that; but with the lack of original song nominees, they're not being showcased this year.

CAROLINE: That might be a good thing though. Those musical numbers are rarely good, and they eat up so much time. But maybe Billy will do a number or two.

RYAN: I hope so. And there will be a Cirque du Soleil moment, so that should be cool.

CAROLINE: I'm looking forward to the red carpet, as always. It might be my favorite part of the night.

RYAN: I'm looking forward to your Rice Krispies treats!

CAROLINE: Honey, they're a tradition! So who do you think is gonna take home the gold?

RYAN: For Best Pic and Best Director, I predict The Artist and its leader Michel Hazanavicius.

CAROLINE: I'm with you. After seeing The Artist and its people clean up at the BAFTAs, I think they're headed for a big Oscar night.

RYAN: In the acting categories, I think it'll be uneventful - Viola Davis for Actress, George Clooney for Actor, Octavia Spencer for Supporting Actress and Christopher Plummer for Supporting Actor.

CAROLINE: I'm totally with you again - except I think it'll be Jean Dujardin over Clooney. But I'll be so excited if Viola wins! There's no one Meryl Streep would rather lose to.

RYAN: Wanna give it a go for the screenplay categories?

CAROLINE: I'm predicting The Descendants for Adapted Screenplay and Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris for Original.

RYAN: That sounds about right, I s'pose. Though I wouldn't hate it if The Ides of March won for Original Screenplay. I loved that movie.

CAROLINE: Don't forget to watch the Oscars this Sunday night on ABC! We will be glued to the couch.

RYAN: And check back here with us during the show while we review it live! See you then!!


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