Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wachowskis Offer Channing Tatum & Mila Kunis 'Jupiter Ascending'

The talk from the stars of Cloud Atlas like Hugh Grant and Jim Sturgess has been really intriguing, and it sounds like Lana and Andy Wachowski (working with Tom Tykwer) might be on the verge of a film that could live up to The Matrix level of innovation in storytelling. Of course, with the release of that film still unknown, it's hard to say when we'll see all that excitement on the big screen. Even so, the siblings are already started work on their next feature, a sci-fi film called Jupiter Ascending. While Natalie Portman was desired early this year, now Deadline says offers are out to Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis to star.

It seems like a strange pairing for a sci-fi film from the Wachowskis, but look at the casting of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss for The Matrix, and it kinda makes sense. Though I'll give him endless ...


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