Friday, March 30, 2012

Dystopian Teen Sci-Fi Novel 'The Loners' Headed to the Big Screen

With The Hunger Games currently ravaging the US box office, it comes as no surprise that the rest of Hollywood wants to capitalize on Lionsgate's success. When there's one box office hit, ten more just like it spring into development, but rarely do these second wave efforts make as big an impact as the original. (See Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant for how not to replicate Twilight's domination.) Now, a company called Black Forest has their sights on teen sci-fi as Variety reports they've bought the upcoming novel Quarantine: The Loners, a high school survival story set after a worldwide disease kills adults. Read on!

Quarantine: The Loners (I've also seen it referred to as the more pun-heavy title Quaranteen) follows two brothers quarantined in a high school after a worldwide outbreak kills anyone who has developed past puberty. Described as The Warriors meets Lord of the Flies, the thousand ...


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