Friday, September 16, 2011

Eddie Marsan Plans Directorial Debut with Shakespearean ?Pell Mell?

British character actor Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes, Red Riding Trilogy) will be the latest to retell Shakespeare with his planned directorial debut, Pell Mell. According to Marsan, who spoke to Screen Junkies during while promoting Tyrannosaur at TIFF, said Mell will be ?Shakespeare?s Richard III set in 1960's London?. While the film is still in the early stages of financing and casting, Marsan is ?very excited? about making the big move behind the camera (though he will likely act in the film as well). In fact, it was one of his fellow British actors turned writer/directors that encouraged him to change hat. Read on!

Mike Leigh, who directed Marsan in both Vera Drake and Happy Go Lucky, is the one we have to thank for Marsan's new venture into directing. Aside from Leigh, the actor has worked with some of Hollywood's best directors including Martin Scorsese, Alejandro Gonz�lez I��rritu, J.J. Abrams, ...


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