Friday, September 16, 2011


RYAN: Winnie the Pooh on the big screen! I have to admit, the idea is really cute - there isn't a young'un around, or an adult who isn't a bit nostalgic, for the lovable bear.

CAROLINE: Speak for yourself. I think he's cute but I'm not about to run out to the theater to see him.

RYAN: Well, thankfully you're not the target audience. And right off the bat, I have to tell you, of all the children's movies I've ever seen, I think this is the absolute best one to introduce kids to going to the theater.

CAROLINE: So you're not saying it's the best children's movie, right?

RYAN: No. It's very cute and sweet and really short; just an hour. But it's perfect for parents with very young kids who want to take them to the theater for the first time to see how they do.

CAROLINE: That's fair. In the trailer, it sounds like some familiar voices.

RYAN: All the voices sound like the originals to me and some of them are. John Cleese is the narrator. The one thing I noticed this time, which I never questioned before... is why, if the stories are all inside Christopher Robins' head, do the animals mostly have American accents?

CAROLINE: And he's British.

RYAN: Right.

CAROLINE: That's interesting.

RYAN: I know. I never thought about it before and I don't think there's any reason to, but I just wondered.

CAROLINE: So what did you like about it?

RYAN: It's a very gentle, sweet movie for kids and I was most entertained during the musical numbers. There's the original Winnie the Pooh theme which is terrific to hear and then some new tunes, one which sounded like it could have fit into The Nightmare Before Christmas.

CAROLINE: That's cool.

RYAN: And there's something nice about the story in that it's not very original; which I'd normally complain about. But it's just a very comfortable hour at the theater. Plus, there's a wonderful animated short before the movie which I enjoyed just as much.

CAROLINE: But is an hour worth the price of admission?

RYAN: For those parents out there who wanna take the kids to a movie, yes. It's not very the tween set but for the more juvenile or purely nostalgic crowd. I was into it.

-- RATING --


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