Sunday, February 6, 2011

Box Office Results

1. The Rite, $15 million2. No Strings Attached, $13.7 million3. The Green Hornet, $11.5 million3. (tie) The Mechanic, $11.5 million 5. The King?s Speech, $11.1 million6. True Grit, $7.6 million7. The Dilemma, $5.5 million8. Black Swan, $5.1 million9. The Fighter, $4.1 million10. Yogi Bear, $3.2 millionRYAN: One of the worst movies I've seen in a while topped the box office this weekend. I mean, seriously people??CAROLINE: Honey, there's no accounting for taste. People love horror movies - even the bad ones.RYAN: I guess there wasn't much other competition. 'Tis the season for bad releases. CAROLINE: That's the only downside of seeing all the movies early, as we do. Most people use January to catch up on all the Oscar nominated movies they haven't seen; but we saw them all weeks ago.RYAN: I'm pleased that the Natalie/Ashton movie came in at #2 this weekend. She's certainly having a hot streak.CAROLINE: Ugh, I so don't get why anyone's seeing that dumb movie. RYAN: Come on, it was funny. I can't wait to see if Natalie wins the SAG later tonight. CAROLINE: Honey, she's a shoo-in. Poor Annette Bening. Meanwhile, can someone please explain to me how Yogi Bear is still in the top ten?Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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