Monday, February 21, 2011

Scoot McNairy Cast in 'Cogan's Trade', May Also Join 'Prometheus'?

Hell yea, Scoot! I know we talk about a lot of actors, but these two in particular deserve these roles they're getting. Variety reports that Scoot McNairy, who starred in the indie sci-fi sensation Monsters last year, has booked a role in Andrew Dominik's crime flick Cogan's Trade, which already has a huge cast lead by Brad Pitt. Not only that, but McNairy is "in the mix" to play Noomi Rapace's love interest in Prometheus, having met with Ridley Scott several times, and Timur Bekmambetov is considering him for a key role in Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Damn! Second, Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn, who broke out in the indie hit Animal Kingdom - another one of our faves, has also booked a role in Cogan's Trade. Congrats to both!

McNairy and Mendelsohn will play two young junkies in Cogan's Trade, based on George V. Higgins' crime novel, who perpetrate a heist ...

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