Monday, February 28, 2011

Trailer Tuesdays!

RYAN: Let's hear it for some decent looking movies this Trailer Tuesdays! I really hope Unknown delivers, because the trailer is seriously awesome.CAROLINE: Totally! I remember freaking out the first time I saw it. It looks so good, and I love that Liam Neeson is still on a tear of playing badasses since he was so unexpectedly great in Taken a couple years ago.RYAN: Is he the new Harrison Ford? Maybe... CAROLINE: He's certainly heading in that direction.RYAN: He's so under the radar and so good. Let's hope this movie keeps up his tradition of badassness. I'm not sure how I feel about January Jones playing the wife though. Can she act?CAROLINE: She's kind of cold, but that might work well for her character in this case. And Diane Kruger's in it too. This movie looks vaguely reminiscent of The Game, which I freaking loved! Check out the trailer here: RYAN: Next up is I Am Number Four, a sci-fi movie based on a popular book.CAROLINE: A book co-written by disgraced memoirist James Frey no less! I'm a little curious about this movie, though it's targeted for a teen audience and seems poised to become the next Twilight franchise. It could be painful.RYAN: Don't be a hater! I think it looks cool. We love Dianna Agron from Glee and this male lead is supposed to be the next big thing. CAROLINE: His name is Alex Pettyfer, and apparently he's already acting like a Hollywood diva despite not being famous yet, if the tabloids are to be believed. He does star in another movie coming out soon though, called Beastly. But what's with him and Dianna A. announcing their engagement last week? That reeks of a PR stunt. Plus he's only 20 years old!RYAN: It's totally lame. I'm sure it's just to promote the movie. Since this isn't a summer release, it may end up being a completely average flick in every way. But I still hope it's cool and you know I love sci-fi. Watch the trailer here: Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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