Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Steve Kloves to Polish 'Akira' Script for Alan Hughes & Warner Bros

Warner Bros seems to be very concerned about making sure the upcoming live-action adaptation of Akira turns out as epic as it possibly can. In yesterday's story at Vulture about Mila Kunis joining Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful (more on that here) they also mention that Akira, which is still only rumored to have James Franco on-board, might be in trouble at WB. One of the top execs, Jeff Robinov, tried to call Brad Pitt himself and convince him to play Kaneda - unsuccessfully. Presumably in response, Variety has published an update saying Harry Potter franchise writer Steve Kloves will "polish" the Akira script.

Kloves is the Oscar nominated writer of seven of the Harry Potter movies, from Sorcerer's Stone to both Deathly Hallows movies, but oddly not Order of the Phoenix. Variety only says that he's been "recruited to polish the studio's live-action remake of Japanese manga epic ...

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