Monday, February 28, 2011

Daniel Day-Lewis & Viggo Mortensen Wanted for 'Superman' Roles?

Hopefully this doesn't become a trend after the recent talk of Kevin Costner taking a role in Superman: The Man of Steel came to light, but a couple more names have apparently popped up on Warner Bros. radar as potential cast additions to Zack Snyder's comic book adaptation. Keep in mind that these actors aren't even in talks and their potential involvement should be taken with a grain of salt at this point. First up, Heat Vision reports Viggo Mortensen (The Lord of the Rings) is to play villain General Zod in the flick, while Moviehole seems to have heard that Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood) is desired for an unspecified role.

Of course, it's important to note that Mortensen is still in negotiations to take the lead male role in Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman, and if that deal is finalized, it will likely take him out of ...

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