Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cars 2 Debuts TV Spot During NASCAR

An all-new TV spot for the upcoming Cars 2 debuted Sunday during NASCAR's Daytona 500 race.  Fittingly, the Cars 2 trailer enjoyed a 60 second spot to promote the new fast-paced animated Disney/Pixar flick. The trailer gives us a great glimpse into the storyline and some of the new cars featured in the upcoming sequel. Cars 2 TV Spot The film follows Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, and the tow truck Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) as they travel overseas to compete in the first-ever World Grand Prix to determine who is the fastest car in the world.  Along the way, Mater gets caught up in his own adventure, a top secret spy mission.  He must choose between helping his friend and venturing deeper into his espionage adventure. The film opens on June 24, 2011 in 3D, 2D, and IMAX.

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