Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Box Office Results

1. "Just Go With It," $31 million. 2. "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never," $30.3 million. 3. "Gnomeo & Juliet," $25.5 million. 4. "The Eagle," $8.6 million. 5. "The Roommate," $8.4 million. 6. "The King's Speech," $7.4 million. 7. "No Strings Attached," $5.6 million. 8. "Sanctum," $5.1 million. 9. "True Grit," $3.8 million. 10. "The Green Hornet," $3.6 million. CAROLINE: I'm very surprised today. By all accounts, I thought The Bieber would have opened at #1 this weekend.RYAN: Well it's only by a hair that Just Go With It snagged the top spot.CAROLINE: True. I'm still surprised though... not that either of us actually say Never Say Never. RYAN: Thank goodness. But my mom took my niece and nephew to see it this weekend and apparently it was so loud during the movie that she made some phone calls.CAROLINE: [laughs] Stop! That's high-larious and completely unacceptable. RYAN: I know. But I called her and it was loud and I was like, "Where are you?" And she responded, full volume, "I'm in the Justin Bieber movie."CAROLINE: Beyond. Gnomeo & Juliet rounded out the top 3. RYAN: I thought that one, for sure, would have bested Adam Sander but I guess having two movies for kids this weekend just split the audience. CAROLINE: Jeni Ani got lucky this weekend. To be sure, she's not used to opening at #1. RYAN: Maybe she'll pick out better scripts now.CAROLINE: One can hope.Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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