Thursday, February 24, 2011


RYAN: Halle Berry is an Oscar winner, a gorgeous woman and seemingly very cool. She's made some great movies, chosen some great roles... and then there are the moments we remember like Catwoman.CAROLINE: Dear God, what was she thinking?! Sharon Stone and everything else in that movie was just wrong. Or at least I hear it was; I never saw it.RYAN: Well Frankie & Alice isn't as bad, but it's certainly no winner.CAROLINE: This movie is sort of known in the industry as Halle's last minute bid at an Oscar nod this year; and we all know how that turned out.RYAN: Not only has she not been nominated, but barely anyone has buzzed or even knows about this movie.CAROLINE: I haven't even been inspired to make time for it yet. But you did. Thoughts?RYAN: Well, before the season kicked off, I was enticed by the premise: Halle Berry as a woman with split personalities and racist overtones. I had hopes, but they were quickly dashed.CAROLINE: How are the multiple personalities?RYAN: Her characters are well defined, but kinda laughable. And it's almost embarrassing to watch her at times.CAROLINE: Ouch. That's not okay.RYAN: Some moments were successfully tense and dramatic. But it's just awkward overall and the writing is pretty loopy, so I never really connected with it.CAROLINE: How does she look in the movie?RYAN: She's hot. And she does some acting with her looks, but even when she's crazy it's just not completely believable.CAROLINE: She is obviously a very talented actress, but seems to need some help picking roles since her Oscar win a few years back.RYAN: That could be. There were a couple moments, however brief, where it was fun to cringe at how awkward this movie is... but not enough to warrant a viewing.CAROLINE: I think I'll skip this one altogether.-- BOTTOM LINE --RYAN: Not Halle's best work, by any standards. And it's not even that entertaining of a movie. It's pretty much a waste of time.-- RATING --Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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