Thursday, February 24, 2011

Amazon Announces Unlimited Streaming Movies for Prime Members

Thought it's been rumored to be coming, officially announced this morning that all Prime members (a great premium program for $79 per year with free two-day shipping and other perks) now have access to over 5000 movies & TV shows in streaming form on their website. The service provides unlimited, free access to all of these movies and shows for anyone who is part of Prime. I know we usually only focus on seeing movies in theaters, but this is a fantastic announcement. We're very big fans of Amazon at FS (and Prime members, too!) and will definitely be putting this to use. A bit more about the announcement below.

This was announced by CEO Jeff Bezos himself on their own front page, where he talks about how this new benefit is "being added at no additional cost" and will be able to stream to a number of devices in ...

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