Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Golden Globes - Live Review!

8:20pmRYAN: It's our second favorite awards show! The Golden Globes are in the house. And Ricky Gervais is killing it as usual.CAROLINE: Nothing is better than when he makes Scientology jokes or other jokes that no one else would dare say.RYAN: No big shock that Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor for The Fighter. He was a shoo-in.CAROLINE: I just hope that hair and beard is for a role. Not a good look for him.RYAN: Can we discuss our best and worst dressed for a minute?CAROLINE: Naturally. Catherine Zeta-Jones is flawless tonight! She might be my favorite. I also love the color scheme of Kyra Sedgwick's ensemble.RYAN: I'll have to give you one CZ Jones. She can look good, that's for sure. But I have to again give my best to Anne Hathaway. She looks like a goddess. CAROLINE: I don't like the illusion/figure skater back to her dress. But sparkles and sequins certainly seem to be the order of the evening. And I'm sorry, but what on earth is Julianne Moore wearing?! I'm not a huge fan of Scar Jo's outfit either. RYAN: And I'm just confused by the color of Claire Danes's ensemble. But yay - Chris Colfer just won for Glee. I know we don't do TV but I couldn't resist how proud I am of his win.8:50pmCAROLINE: And the winner for Best Song - the Cher ballad from Burlesque. I'm over it. I hated that song.RYAN: You know I loved that movie though. And I just talked to Diane Warren on the red carpet at the Critics' Choice Awards.CAROLINE: She's definitely a prolific songwriter. The HFP loves her, but she can't give a speech to save her life. Look up, honey!!RYAN: And, of course, The Social Network takes it for best score. I'm so bummed Alice in Wonderland didn't win. I actually have that score on my iPhone!CAROLINE: You might wanna keep that to yourself. I'm thrilled that Social Network won. Totally deserving. But why can't Jesse Eisenberg comb his hair?9:05pmRYAN: And the best animated movie is Toy Story 3, which surprises no one.CAROLINE: Snore. But here's the Best Actress Comedy or Musical - Annette Bening for The Kids are All Right.RYAN: She so deserves it. It's a great movie and it's her time. Though she still might not take the Oscar. Natalie, anyone?CAROLINE: And she was up against her co-star this time, Julianne Moore. Great speech though. Leave it to her to be poised and classy. Brava! But her hair looks like Medusa.9:15pmCAROLINE: I'm sorry, but I have to interject during Al Pacino's speech and say what kind of nurse's uniform is Tilda Swinton wearing??RYAN: Honey, she's always a little off the wall.CAROLINE: This one takes the cake though. And I forgot to mention earlier - Michelle Williams's outfit is a Golden Globe tragedy of the millennium. It looks like something from Laura Ashley circa '88. I mean, daisies!?RYAN: I have no words. But I do have some for Sandra Bullock. What is girl doing with the hair? She looks like a dog.9:30pmCAROLINE: You know, I'm gonna have to say it again... but this next category was also very predictable - Best Screenplay. It's The Social Network and Aaron Sorkin def deserves it. He might sweep everything this year.RYAN: And he used to date Kristin Chenoweth.CAROLINE: And smoke a lot of crack.RYAN: But I like him because he's a good writer.CAROLINE: An excellent writer. It's the year of Facebook. And Social Network one of my top three faves of the year.9:52pmCAROLINE: And another big shock - Melissa Leo wins for The Fighter.RYAN: Yeah, this one was a no brainer. She so deserves it. CAROLINE: Poor Mark Wahlberg better get used to getting thanked at all these awards shows. He works for the better part of a decade to this movie to the big screen and then watches all his co-stars win awards. RYAN: That's gotta hurt a little.10:16pmCAROLINE: And the award for best director goes to David Fincher for The Social Network. That pretty much zips it up for best picture now.RYAN: I'm kinda past it. What about Eva Longoria's trip and near fall earlier? And Angie Jolie getting caught putting her lip gloss on? I love this show for all the funny.CAROLINE: It is a pretty entertaining show so far, largely because of Ricky Gervais and also just because so many stars are there.10:29pmRYAN: Best actor Paul Giamatti wins for Barney's Version. I liked him in this movie.CAROLINE: I still need to see it. It's high on my list.RYAN: Paul G. is a very good, consistent actor. Remember him in The Illusionist?CAROLINE: Yes. But honey, that was years ago.RYAN: I haven't forgotten. CAROLINE: And now... Best Actress. Natalie, of course. What do we think of the dress? I like the cut of it, but...RYAN: I don't mind the dress. It's unique.10:46pmCAROLINE: And The Kids are All Right wins Best Picture - Musical or Comedy. It really had to. Especially up against the other ridiculous nominations in this category.RYAN: It's a great movie. I wonder if it would have won against Black Swan had they been in a category together without The Social Network.CAROLINE: That would be interesting. It's like the actress category, Annette versus Natalie. We'll have to wait till the Oscars, though, to see if they repeat the results of the Critics' Choice Awards.RYAN: And of course Colin Firth wins for The King's Speech.CAROLINE: The Hollywood Foreign Press always votes for the Brit.10:56pmRYAN: And at last, the award for Best Picture - Drama, goes to The Social Network, of course.CAROLINE: I'm pleased. I really loved that movie and saw it twice. But where is JT? He hasn't showed up to any of the awards shows. And miraculously, the show is actually ending on time. What a night!RYAN: It really was. And thank you for making such a nice party and Rice Krispies Treats!!CAROLINE: It's always a pleasure.Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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