Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Academy Awards

RYAN: OK, it's the biggest night of the year for us and all of Hollywood, and the night did not disappoint. There were so many highlights, and even enough low lights to keep us going all night.CAROLINE: Surely by low lights, you mean Kirk Douglas.RYAN: Well, that was beyond. But seriously, The Wolfman winning Best Makeup when it was one of the worst films of 2010?! I'm just beside myself.CAROLINE: Honey, please that was a shoo-in. But before we go into the categories let's get our best and worst dressed out of the way. My best dressed were Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and I kinda liked Reese Witherspoon's dress even though she looked like I Dream of Jeannie with that hair.RYAN: OMG I loooved Reese, hair and all! My best dressed is Annette Bening and worst is - I can't believe I'm gonna say it - but Nicole Kidman. Seriously.CAROLINE: The dress was a little weird, but I thought she looked pretty from the waist up. But I know you love her, so that must be tough for you to admit.RYAN: I'm also just thrilled beyond expectation with Anne Hathaway and James Franco. They're both sharing moments of brilliance and I just abba-solutely loved Anne singing!CAROLINE: Moments of brilliance?? What show are you watching, honey? They were so bland and underwhelming! Anne can actually sing fine, I guess.RYAN: Brilliantly! But yes, I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to punch James Franco by the end and say, "Thanks for nothing!"CAROLINE: He redefined phoning it in. Anne was trying, but she's so awkward. RYAN: She can do no wrong in my eyes. I actually felt bad for Mandy Moore. I love that song from Tangled, but she was so nervous she was barely breathing. And they truncated the song so I felt gypped.CAROLINE: Gwyneth seemed incredibly nervous too. And that song from Country Strong is just so not worthy.RYAN: She was so flat. And I'm not talking just about her singing.CAROLINE: [laughs] No big surprises in the major categories except for Best Director. I thought for sure that would go to David Fincher. RYAN: But statistically, Best Picture and Director go hand in hand, so it was appropriate for Tom Hooper to win.CAROLINE: I just hoped The Social Network would win more awards. Worst speech of the night clearly goes to Melissa Leo...what was she thinking, and more importantly, what was she wearing?RYAN: I just don't buy her whole "shocked" business. She knew she was gonna win. CAROLINE: Of course! And her fake dropping of the F-bomb?? So ridic. She had clearly planned that ahead. I'm a little over her right now, though she totally deserved the win. RYAN: By and large, I liked the acceptance speeches. They were the right mix of emotional, heartfelt and not too long.CAROLINE: Except for Colin Firth, who insisted he was going to be brief and then rambled on forever. RYAN: I feel really ripped off that there wasn't another musical moment for the hosts especially with that leaked Grease promo.CAROLINE: I heard James Franco's singing was so atrocious that they had to pull one of the musical numbers. Or maybe he was just too high to sing. Ha- I'm just kidding. Not sure I buy into that "he's high all the time" thing. Maybe he's just weird. Or really tired.RYAN: He's busier than anyone I know, for sure. He barely returns my phone calls anymore. But I have to comment on the finale of the show, because seeing the Emerald City up there and every winner on stage singing along to Over the Rainbow was waymazing.CAROLINE: I couldn't believe what an afterthought those poor kids were! The show ended and then they brought them onstage. And the song totally sounded pre-recorded. The kids were doing their best to sing along but you could tell it was canned. RYAN: I didn't notice. I loved every minute. CAROLINE: No one had a full-on onstage stroke this year, but Jennifer Hudson came close. Was she even speaking English up there? RYAN: Honey, it's because she hasn't eaten in two years. Celine Dion was the best singer of the night, of course, during the In Memoriam segment. But where was Corey Haim in there? CAROLINE: Oh God. I didn't even notice they left him out. I thought for sure at the end they were going to cut to Kirk Douglas dead backstage. RYAN: [laughs] I don't ever want to see him onstage at the Oscars again. Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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