Monday, March 14, 2011

Disney Picks Up Sci-Fi Pitch 'The Runner' for Director Marc Forster

Though he's got Machine Gun Preacher slated to get released sometime this year, director Marc Forster hasn't helmed a feature film since the lukewarmly received sequel Quantum on Solace in 2008. However, Forster may be lining up yet another project as Deadline reports Walt Disney Pictures is collaborating with Imagine Entertainment on a high concept futuristic sci-fi film titled The Runner. In the year 2027, Earth's surface has been made uninhabitable due to a devastating attack. A group of survivors living in the Rocky Mountains have discovered a way to send someone back in time. Would you like to know more? Read on!

While the time traveling volunteer departs under the guise of trying to stop the devastating attack, he has an ulterior motive: to save the love of his life. Sounds like quite an epic risk for love. The concept comes from Dave Andron who ...

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