Saturday, March 19, 2011

MGM's 'Red Dawn' Remake Will Have North Korea as Revised Villain

MGM stirring up more trouble? The LA Times reports very candidly on MGM's recent decision to revise the villain in their already-completed remake of the 1980's classic Red Dawn, directed by Dan Bradley. They report that the original villain of the Chinese invading America, already updated from Russia/U.S.S.R. in the 1984 film with Patrick Swayze, will be revised to North Korea, because of concern for the Chinese box office. Go figure, it's all about business. "The filmmakers now are digitally erasing Chinese flags and military symbols from Red Dawn, substituting dialogue and altering the film." Let's hope it doesn't cause a backlash.

The decision was apparently made by MGM alone, "no one at the studio has had discussions with Chinese government officials about Red Dawn." Over the last few years, the box office in China has become a key place to make strong earnings, which is why you see films like ...

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