Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trailer Tuesdays!

CAROLINE: Must I pretend to care about the X-Men this Trailer Tuesdays?

RYAN: Ha, no, you don't have to. The new installment is X-Men: First Class, and it stars James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence of Winter's Bone fame, January Jones and Michael Fassbender.

CAROLINE: I think I saw/slept through the first or second one, but that was it. Comic book movies aren't my bag to begin with, especially given that these characters are virtually unknown to me.

RYAN: I think this franchise is cool, and after the Wolverine one-off, I'm glad to see more super powers together instead of just focusing on one mutant. Also, I love James McAvoy and Rose Byrne who's having a very good year, after Bridesmaids.

CAROLINE: I like the cast too, but I just can't pretend to care about this movie.

RYAN: I'm sure the effects will be awesome. It's a little surprising that this isn't in 3D, but given how lame the Thor 3D was, maybe it's not such a bad thing.

CAROLINE: It's good that they didn't push it to be in 3D. But I still don't want to see it. Too many superhero movies this summer! I hope Marvel doesn't wear out its welcome.

RYAN: There are a lot of superhero movies this summer, but this one is part of a larger franchise. I think it has potential. Check out the trailer here:


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