Wednesday, June 8, 2011


CAROLINE: I took myself on a date last weekend to see the new Woody Allen flick, Midnight in Paris, since neither of us could attend last week's screening.

RYAN: I'm dying to see it!! Mostly because it stars our girl, Rachel McAdams.

CAROLINE: That was a huge draw for me. And it offsets the fact that her leading man is Owen Wilson. Why on earth is he in so many movies lately? I would have enjoyed watching almost anyone else in the role, except Ben Stiller.

RYAN: Seriously. So how was it?

CAROLINE: It's cute. I didn't absolutely adore it, but I totally enjoyed myself. It's probably a rental though.

RYAN: Was Owen as annoying as you feared?

CAROLINE: It's not that he's a bad actor, I just don't think he has much range. He's hard to look at too. There are so many great actors in their late 30s/early 40s; I don't know why Woody picked him.

RYAN: What about Rachel?

CAROLINE: She's just so awesome and so pretty. I loved her outfits in the movie. She's from a rich family so she has fab clothes. Unfortunately, her character's kind of a shrewy bitch, which of course she was great at; but she's not very likable.

RYAN: And it's also got Marion Cotillard, right?

CAROLINE: Yes, and she's gorgeous as always. It takes place in Paris, obviously, and Owen's character travels back to the '20s every night where he meets tons of icons like Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Dali and Picasso. It's very whimsical and fun.

RYAN: Does Marion get to speak in her native French at all?

CAROLINE: She most certainly does. And it's also got Michael Sheen, who is now Rachel McAdams's real-life boyfriend.

RYAN: Sounds like an amazing cast!

Yeah, Woody has a way of assembling really good people lately. Kathy Bates plays Gertrude Stein and she's great, of course - but what really stood out is that she speaks both French and Spanish in the movie. Go Kathy! And of course, all the scenery of Paris is gorgeous. It made me want to book a flight immediately!


CAROLINE: It's a cute Woody Allen movie for sure. I was expecting to laugh a lot, but I merely chuckled. It's not a straight up comedy, but it's fun. I suspect I would have liked it better if the male lead weren't Owen Wilson.

-- RATING --


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