Tuesday, June 7, 2011


RYAN: The fourth sequel to the Pirates franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, is all in 3D.

CAROLINE: That's the first thing you have to say about it?

RYAN: Well, I loved it.

CAROLINE: That's better. And how was said 3D?

RYAN: It was fine, but on the whole still unnecessary at this point. I didn't really notice it very much in the movie.

CAROLINE: I'm so over it. Why do they even bother?

RYAN: So they can jack up ticket prices! Even Jonathan, who attended the screening with me, took the glasses off from time to time, just out of annoyance.

CAROLINE: So how was it seeing Captain Jack Sparrow again? I couldn't be bothered to see this one. I kind of hated all of the previous films. Why must they be so long!?

RYAN: Well, this one's shorter and it's just great. Johnny's so superb in the role; it's no wonder why he keeps returning to it.

CAROLINE: Yeah. It's called a paycheck.

RYAN: [laughs] Well, yes, there is that. But Jack Sparrow is such a fun role and I liked this movie even better than previous installments because it's so fun and the supporting cast is phenomenal. I almost died for Richard Griffiths every time he delivered a line. He's Uncle Vernon from Harry Potter and he's simply genius in this movie.

CAROLINE: I care more about Penny Cruz. Could you understand her English in this flick?

RYAN: Barely! But it didn't really bother me. Her chemistry with J. Depp is waymazing. And Geoffrey Rush is as good as he always is.

CAROLINE: Did you even notice the lack of Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom?

RYAN: I didn't miss them at all. Rob Marshall made this so beautiful... almost as choreographed and stylish as Chicago and Nine.

CAROLINE: That's his style.

RYAN: Oh, one more thing... the mermaids. At the end of the day, it's all about the mermaids.

CAROLINE: If you say so.

RYAN: They were so cool but creepier than I expected. I would have liked even more of them. But I liked the story too... the whole search for the Fountain of Youth was exciting.

CAROLINE: I'm still not inspired. So glad you saw it without me!


RYAN: It's a gorgeous and thrilling sequel that is easily the second best in the franchise, just behind the first one. Def worth seeing on the big screen. It actually fills the void of sort of, like, an Indiana Jones movie, but, you know... pirates.

-- RATING --

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