Saturday, May 7, 2011

Universal is Possibly Pulling the Plug on Adaptation of 'Dark Tower'?

If the studio putting the kibosh on Guillermo del Toro's anticipated adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness wasn't enough to get people pissed off at Universal Pictures, this next bit of unsettling news just might do it. Just to be clear, an official decision hasn't been made yet, but Variety reports that there have been rumblings that the studio has become apprehensive about their ambitious three-film, two-season TV series adaptation of the Dark Tower book series from Stephen King. But the good news is the project would go into turnaround so director Ron Howard and Imagine could move this over to another studio.

Apparently an official decision from the studio is expected in the next few days as casting is still underway with Javier Bardem's deal to play the lead character Roland Deschain being nearly done. Honestly, it's hard to be genuinely upset at Universal because the project is such ...

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