Monday, May 9, 2011

Catherine Hardwicke Lined Up to Direct Adaptation of 'Bitch Posse'

If her adaptation of Twilight or more recently her take on Red Riding Hood didn't have enough teenage drama for your tastes, then director Catherine Hardwicke has a surprise in store for you. Deadline reports the filmmaker will next be at the helm of an adaptation of Martha O'Connor's novel The Bitch Posse, the story follows three friends, Cherry, Amy and Rennie, as high school seniors who come from troubled homes and form a dangerous alliance called the Bitch Posse. But something happens between them that rips apart the friendship and haunts them into adulthood. Yes, there's plenty of angst to go around.

Apparently the book (which is being adapted by Tristine Skyler) switches back and forth between the friends' time in high school and their adult lives where one of them is in a mental institution, another is a promiscuous failed writer and the other is ...

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