Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Red Carpet Video: Water for Elephants

CAROLINE: You attended the premiere of Water for Elephants at the historic Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC to interview the cast. Most importantly, how did Reese look?RYAN: Degorgeous, of course! It was a bit chilly out and she passed right behind Robert Pattinson as I was talking with him so I missed the opportunity to speak with her.CAROLINE: I'm sorry honey. I know you love her but these things happen.RYAN: It's true. I can't have been, like, "Sorry Robert... Reese!!!"CAROLINE: [laughs] No. That would have been rude; and besides, a word with Rob Pattinson... not bad. Were there a zillion Twihards screaming from across the street?RYAN: Yes it was bonkers. And full disclosure - I couldn't help but think "Cedric Diggory" while talking with him.CAROLINE: Only you.RYAN: Water for Elephants is in theaters now. Here's a clip from the red carpet:Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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