Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trailer Tuesdays!

RYAN: We've got a range of movies to discuss this Trailer Tuesdays, so there should be something for everyone. Let's start with the new Jake Gyllenhaal, Source Code.CAROLINE: The first time I saw this trailer I was blown away by its awesomeness, so now I'm really psyched that it's coming to theaters. I love the premise, and the action looks great.RYAN: It's got a very cool concept that looks potentially very edge-of-your-seat either aggravating or exciting. And I always enjoy Jake.CAROLINE: It reminds me of Avatar a little bit, the way they're inserting him into another world, or in this case, another time. I always enjoy Michelle Monaghan too, so I'm psyched to see her in this role. And you know I love a love story, so if there's any romance between Jake and Michelle, I'll be thrilled.RYAN: Vera Farmiga co-stars too. It looks all around decent; I just hope it doesn't get repetitive. Check out the trailer here: CAROLINE: Next we have Insidious, a thriller from producer Oren Peli, who made Paranormal Activity, and the guys behind the Saw movies.RYAN: I absolutely must see this movie! I love a good scare, and this is a cast worth seeing in any genre. CAROLINE: And by "this cast," you mean Patrick Wilson.RYAN: Of course! He's one of my faves. Since I wasn't able to make the screening for this, I will totally be shelling out my own dough to see it this weekend. CAROLINE: I don't know - it looks a little dumb to me. It seems to have the exact same premise as Paranormal Activity, except now it's about a family instead of a couple. I don't enjoy being terrified at the movies, so I think I'll skip this one; but I'm sure it'll have a built-in fan base. Watch the trailer here: RYAN: Finally, we have Hop, a partially animated film that looks cute and so timely for Easter. I've been eating Peeps for a month already!CAROLINE: I've been eating some Peeps myself, but that doesn't mean I want to see this movie. Quite the opposite. Russell Brand is only mildly charming at best, so to hear his grating voice for an entire movie isn't my idea of fun.RYAN: It looks like a sweet family film to me. It's about the Easter Bunny, honey! And it's from the people behind Despicable Me, which I loved. CAROLINE: I'm sad that James Marsden has reduced himself to kiddie movies like this, but I guess that's where the bucks are these days. But you can't tell me that Russell B's thick cockney accent isn't irritating.RYAN: I'm not going to let it bother me. I think it looks very cute, and it's also got the voices of Hugh Laurie and Hank Azaria. Watch the trailer here: Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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