Saturday, April 30, 2011


RYAN: Bradley Cooper stars in the new thriller, Limitless, and I must say how proud I am of his new-found movie star status. We loved him way back when he was Will Tippin on Alias. CAROLINE: I'm psyched for his success too, and I enjoy watching his hotness on the big screen. And I'm glad to say this movie is really fun.RYAN: I'm so sad I missed it! Tell me everything.CAROLINE: Well, as we know from the trailer, Bradley Cooper's character comes across a pill that allows you to use 100% of your brain capacity, rather than the 20% or so that we all allegedly use; and obviously it changes his life completely.RYAN: I love the premise. If only we could do that in real life!CAROLINE: Oh honey, be careful what you wish for. I feel like that's the main theme of the movie - drugs are bad. In this case, it's not a drug that makes you high, but one that makes you a more complete person. It sounds great, but believe me, what happens in the movie is nuts.RYAN: Does it get violent?CAROLINE: Quite. There are a few gruesome scenes, but nothing too horrendous. It's rated PG-13, after all. But it's really interesting to watch what Bradley's character goes through and what happens when people try to get their hands on this drug.RYAN: And Robert De Niro is in it too?CAROLINE: Yeah, he plays this business tycoon type who Bradley starts to work with. And Abbie Cornish is the girlfriend. I know her mostly as the chick who Ryan Phillippe dated right after - or maybe before - his divorce from Reese, but she was good in this. The vibe of the movie reminded me a lot of American Psycho, minus the serial killing.RYAN: And I trust Bradley is great?CAROLINE: Yeah, he's really good. It's a good role for him and he handles it well. He's got the hotness down, but he can also seem like a regular guy too.RYAN: So is the whole movie about him and his new life once he discovers this drug?CAROLINE: That's what I thought from the trailer, but that's really only a small part of it. The bulk of it is him on the run from bad guys who want the drug and also him trying to make sense of his life and deal with the drug's side effects. It gets pretty dark. But it's a very cool, highly stylized movie with great editing. You would really like it, I think.RYAN: I'm sure I would! I love that kind of slickness in a movie.CAROLINE: Some people are complaining that it's not 'smart' enough, which I understand. I think it could have gone a more intellectual route, and explored the use of the human brain more, and stuff like that. But I also just enjoyed it an a fun, energetic, edge-of-your-seat movie. Oh, and you would love that Anna Friel from TV's Pushing Daisies is in it. She's got a small but interesting part.-- BOTTOM LINE --CAROLINE: I really enjoyed this movie. It's fast-paced, very visual and very cool. It's also shot in NYC, so I loved that. It's certainly not an Oscar contender or anything, but if you want an exciting, kinda violent thriller, you'll enjoy this.-- RATING --Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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