Saturday, April 30, 2011


RYAN: You know I like a good scary movie.CAROLINE: Honey, even I can handle one from time to time. But I just wasn't as inspired for this one.RYAN: But we love Patrick Wilson.CAROLINE: We do both enjoy him, but for some reason the Insidious trailer just didn't speak to me the way it did you. So how was it?RYAN: It was okay. I definitely liked the casting, though Patrick was really one note throughout it and the script was was scary-movie-lame with his lines. I could barely stand it at times.CAROLINE: What ever do you mean?RYAN: Like, you know those moments in horror movies where you think, like, "Just get out of the house!" But of course they don't because if they did, then they'd be safe and there would be no movie?CAROLINE: Of course.RYAN: Well, this film is just rife with them. And unless you're 14 and this is the first scary film you're seeing, it's a little annoying.CAROLINE: I can imagine. How's Barbara Hershey?RYAN: She's good, and I liked the main girl who I recognized from TV's Damages.CAROLINE: Did it make you jump at all?RYAN: Yes, a few times actually; and I have to say that's what I liked about the movie. It actually managed to scare me a bit. And not only because of manipulative music and editing. Some of the imagery is actually creep-tastic.CAROLINE: But it's not bloody, right? I know the team behind Saw and Paranormal Activity was at work here.RYAN: Yes, and it's definitely more like Paranormal than Saw. They even had a baby in the mix for good measure.CAROLINE: Yes - babies seem to heighten anxiety.-- BOTTOM LINE --RYAN: I'm giving it a soft "Rent It" because it's certainly not a must see. It's kind of dumb but has a few good scares. It's the kind of movie that is probably best viewed alone one night when you come across it on HBO or Showtime or wherever it ends up eventually.-- RATING --Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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