Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Box Office Results

1. "No Strings Attached," $20.3 million. 2. "The Green Hornet," $18.1 million. 3. "The Dilemma," $9.7 million. 4. "The King's Speech," $9.2 million. 5. "True Grit," $8 million. 6. "Black Swan," $6.2 million. 7. "The Fighter," $4.5 million. 8. "Little Fockers," $4.4 million. 9. "Yogi Bear," $4.1 million. 10. "Tron: Legacy," $3.7 million.CAROLINE: I'm kinda surprised No Strings Attached managed to beat out The Green Hornet. Good for Natalie!RYAN: Well there was the risk if her movie totally bombed, she could lose momentum in the Oscar race. Now she must be thanking her lucky stars. CAROLINE: Black Swan has really done amazingly well for an indie film - at #6 this weekend. And it's so much better than No Strings. RYAN: But some people must have been in the mood for a light rom com. CAROLINE: The weekend winner only cost $25 million to make so all involved had a very good weekend. RYAN: Oscar nominations are announced Tuesday and Natalie's sure to be among them. CAROLINE: She must be so overjoyed with all the positive attention and being pregnant and everything. RYAN: It's definitely a red letter moment for her. CAROLINE: The Green Hornet came in at #2 but dropped considerably. RYAN: It's not the kind of superhero movie that's guaranteeing an immediate sequel. CAROLINE: That might be a good thing.Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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