Monday, January 31, 2011

Weinstein Company Announces Plans for Another 'Scary Movie'

Though the first installment of the spoof franchise was legitimately funny, Scary Movie has since become just another cheap attempt to snag cash from the most easily entertained of audiences. The last installment of the parody series was released in 2006, but The Weinstein Company apparently revealed on Facebook (via ComingSoon) that they are planning a Scary Movie 5. Perhaps the company is counting on Scream 4 reinvigorating the audiences who like to see horror films like that parodied, but recently, the series has turned away from lampooning horror movies to simply skewering various sects of pop culture.

No word on who will write or direct the next installment of the comedy series (honestly, it probably doesn't matter), and it's unclear if Anna Faris will return to the franchise that launched her career. Though she hasn't gone on to do many better films, her status as a full fledged comedic actress ...

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