Monday, January 31, 2011

Box Office Results

1. "True Grit," $15 million. 2. "Little Fockers," $13.8 million. 3. "Season of the Witch," $10.7 million. 4. "Tron: Legacy," $9.8 million. 5. "Black Swan," $8.4 million. 6. "Country Strong," $7.3 million. 7. "The Fighter," $7 million. 8. "The King's Speech," $6.811 million. 9. "Yogi Bear," $6.81 million. 10. "Tangled," $5.2 million. RYAN: And the winner is... True Grit! At least at the B.O. this weekend. And I'll have you know it's the first western to make over $100 million since the '90s.CAROLINE: It's sort of a dated genre. I'm not thrilled with westerns but there is buzz for this one and it is awards season and I'm just happy that neither of the two new offerings opened at #1.RYAN: Season of the Witch was quite a disappointment but I'm surprised more country fans didn't get out for Country Strong. CAROLINE: I actually liked that one more than Nic Cage's movie; however, only slightly.RYAN: I didn't get out to see Country Strong like I had hoped to this weekend. And at this rate, I doubt I'll even catch it in the theater. CAROLINE: You so don't need to run out to see it.RYAN: But I love a musical. CAROLINE: But it's not your typical musical nor is it that good. But this time last year, if you remember, Avatar was still freaking out all over the box office.RYAN: That's right! CAROLINE: No such blockbuster this time around.RYAN: We'll have to wait till summer arrives for the big guns.Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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