Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oscar Predictions

RYAN: Shut it down! The Oscars are this Sunday night and for as long as we've been waiting for it, I can't believe it's just a couple days away!

CAROLINE: I know. It seems like all the other awards shows happened ages ago, so it's about time, Oscars!

RYAN: I'm beyond psyched Billy Crystal's back as host. He's just the best there ever was.

CAROLINE: He has traditionally always been great, but I'm scared of his receding hairline and recent plastic surgery face. Also, with him as host and Brian Grazer producing, this might be your grandma's Oscars.

RYAN: I am a bit saddened about the lack of musicality this year. We love a good musical moment and several at that; but with the lack of original song nominees, they're not being showcased this year.

CAROLINE: That might be a good thing though. Those musical numbers are rarely good, and they eat up so much time. But maybe Billy will do a number or two.

RYAN: I hope so. And there will be a Cirque du Soleil moment, so that should be cool.

CAROLINE: I'm looking forward to the red carpet, as always. It might be my favorite part of the night.

RYAN: I'm looking forward to your Rice Krispies treats!

CAROLINE: Honey, they're a tradition! So who do you think is gonna take home the gold?

RYAN: For Best Pic and Best Director, I predict The Artist and its leader Michel Hazanavicius.

CAROLINE: I'm with you. After seeing The Artist and its people clean up at the BAFTAs, I think they're headed for a big Oscar night.

RYAN: In the acting categories, I think it'll be uneventful - Viola Davis for Actress, George Clooney for Actor, Octavia Spencer for Supporting Actress and Christopher Plummer for Supporting Actor.

CAROLINE: I'm totally with you again - except I think it'll be Jean Dujardin over Clooney. But I'll be so excited if Viola wins! There's no one Meryl Streep would rather lose to.

RYAN: Wanna give it a go for the screenplay categories?

CAROLINE: I'm predicting The Descendants for Adapted Screenplay and Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris for Original.

RYAN: That sounds about right, I s'pose. Though I wouldn't hate it if The Ides of March won for Original Screenplay. I loved that movie.

CAROLINE: Don't forget to watch the Oscars this Sunday night on ABC! We will be glued to the couch.

RYAN: And check back here with us during the show while we review it live! See you then!!


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