Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trailer Tuesdays!

RYAN: Opening just in time for Valentine's Day - or actually a little late for it - is the new romantic action flick This Means War. This was scheduled to open today but got bumped to Friday at the last minute.

CAROLINE: From what I've read, they're trying to distance it from The Vow, which was tracking better than this movie was. And after its huge opening weekend, the people behind This Means War ought to be worried!

RYAN: Either way, Valentine's Day is one of my favorites.

CAROLINE: You always buy me candy on V Day. And I love it!

RYAN: We have been known to exchange a gift or several. And this year we both get some Elle Woods!

CAROLINE: [laughs] We really don't need a third Legally Blonde, and mercifully we're not getting one after that wretched sequel. But this looks pretty cute albeit formulaic. I can get on board with Chris Pine and Tom Hardy battling it out over Reese. She's hot property. Interesting choice of leading men though; I'm kinda psyched they're both up-and-comers and not well-established actors.

RYAN: You ain't just whistling Dixie! Here's the trailer:

CAROLINE: Next up is a sequel I can barely stand the thought of. I pretty much despise Nicolas Cage, and I refused to see the first Ghost Rider, and I most certainly won't be seeing this one either.

RYAN: Settle down! I saw and actually really liked the first one. I haven't been champing at the bit for a follow-up, but I'll gladly take it anyway. Here's the trailer:


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