Saturday, April 7, 2012


CAROLINE: I can't believe you went to see this. I would and did boycott this movie, just from the trailer alone.

RYAN: I was seriously dreading going to the screening. These are the times when seeing movies really is much less a labor of love than usual.

CAROLINE: So how bad is it?

RYAN: Well it's bad but not as all-bad as I'd expected; however, that's gotta be because my expectations were so low.

CAROLINE: So break it down for me.

RYAN: It's kiddie porn.

CAROLINE: What?!?!

RYAN: [laughs] Well there is like a lot of underage nudity of the bosom variety. I can only imagine the creepy old men this film will appeal to.

CAROLINE: I'm disgusted.

RYAN: It's a very loose story... about the high school party to shut down all high school parties: the epic party. And it's a bit wannabe Risky Business meets Kids but without edge, wit, good writing or even good acting. It was like watching a high school play rehearsal.

CAROLINE: That sounds atrocious.

RYAN: That being said, I didn't want to walk out and I didn't sleep at all during it. I was kinda waiting for someone to die or something super dramatic and while there is some climax it's not that.

CAROLINE: This is the opposite of a glowing review.

RYAN: Well it's a very cliche movie. The nerdy boy, the girl crush, the parents go away, the out of control party, the family dog, dad's nice car... the cheesy best friends. I suppose if you're currently in high school there may be some appeal.

CAROLINE: We're clearly not the target audience.

RYAN: The audience I screened with didn't really react either. It's just a cheap, cliche film.

-- RATING --


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