Sunday, April 8, 2012


RYAN: This movie screened for critics on the same night as another R-rated comedy opening Friday, called Casa de mi Padre, starring Will Ferrell. I chose to see Jeff, Who Lives at Home instead.

CAROLINE: Any regrets?

RYAN:I hope that question is rhetorical!

CAROLINE: [laughs] I know, we tend to not love Will and his brand of wink-wink comedy.

RYAN: I have no regrets.

CAROLINE: Score! So break it down. How's the cast?

RYAN: Jason Segel and Ed Helms are both terrific. Their timing and chemistry as brothers totally clicks.

CAROLINE: And the chicks?

RYAN: Susan Sarandon is enthralling - I, personally, couldn't relate to what her character was feeling but she was nonetheless completely engaging. And Judy Greer gives a performance akin to that in The Descendants. She must really be focusing on flexing her dramatic muscle lately.

CAROLINE: I'm so proud of her, if that makes any sense.

RYAN: Another good performance comes from - wait for it - Rae Dawn Chong.

CAROLINE: Whoa. Talk about a blast from the past! Where's she been since the 80s?

RYAN: I know. She hasn't done much since, like, 1997. But it's nice seeing her again.

CAROLINE: Good for her.

RYAN: The writing is really strong. It's a character study that's funny and compelling and really sweet. It's co-written and directed by the Duplass brothers who did that Cyrus movie in 2010 with Marisa Tomei and Jonah Hill.

CAROLINE: I remember that one.

RYAN: They're good, indie talent and they certainly have their own brand, style and tone. As for this film - it centers on four people who are all going through an identity crisis. It kind of begins at their "mayhem ensues" moment and while it never gets, like, Coen brothers crazy, it's still very interesting and well done.

CAROLINE: I do want to see this.

RYAN: This film also very creatively references M. Night Shyamalan's Signs, which is coincidentally my favorite of his films. I always recommend seeing that movie anyway; but if you have seen it before Jeff, Who Lives at Home, it just provides a little more context... and subtext, if you will.

CAROLINE: I certainly will, honey. And of course I've seen Signs though it's not my fave M. Night flick.

RYAN: If you like indie movies and you're in the mood for great writing, excellent performances and a sweet story, this is definitely it. It's only an hour and a half and the casting is terrif! If you're open to an alternative to the big, splashy movies coming out now, this is absolutely the best option.

-- RATING --


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