Saturday, April 7, 2012


RYAN: I know you're not into family films but over the years you have seen a couple animated films that you actually like in spite of yourself.

CAROLINE: This is true. Extremely rare, but true.

RYAN: I know you'd like this one.


RYAN: It's just excellent across the board. For starters, and I didn't going in... but it's a musical! And two of the songs are as great as some of the best Disney songs from their animated canon.

CAROLINE: Wow. That's quite the compliment.

RYAN: I was so surprised. I didn't know from the trailer that it would be and the singing and dancing was faboosh.

CAROLINE: I'm glad of it. Who are the featured voices in this besides Danny DeVito at the titular Lorax?

RYAN: Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Betty White and Ed Helms.

CAROLINE: Ok, there's some talent. Did Zac and Taylor duet?

RYAN: Sadly no, there wasn't that; but it's okay.

CAROLINE: That's surprising though.

RYAN: I really loved the colors and the Seuss design and it's almost Tim Burton-ish that way, with all the random shapes and exotic hues. And all the little animals in the movie have such personality and character and are super cute and comical.

CAROLINE: It does have that look. Did you see it in 3D?

RYAN: Yeah and it was pretty decent. And I took along my 11-year-old niece and 9-year-old nephew to the screening and they both were completely mesmerized. At lunch following, my niece was commenting on the environmental theme so it really is effective that way.

CAROLINE: Another kids' movie with a message.

RYAN: Well some of the best tales do have a moral to the story and this one is quite specific and unique. It's An Inconvenient Truth for the grade school set.

CAROLINE: [laughs] Well put.

RYAN: I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It's a delight to watch with a brilliant score and terrific talent from all aspects. There isn't, like, innuendo humor for adults the way Shrek had, but I think it will absolutely appeal to all ages who attend along with the intended audience.

-- RATING --


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