Sunday, April 8, 2012

Movie News - Angelina Gets Disneyfied!

RYAN: I'll take all the new fairy tale movies I can get, frankly, even though they're not all going to be winners.

CAROLINE: Yeah, last year's Red Riding Hood, anyone?

RYAN: Case in point. This year we have 2 Snow Whites and now Angelina Jolie has confirmed she'll play one of Disney's most ruthless villains, Maleficent, in a live action adaptation of Sleeping Beauty.

CAROLINE: Angie certainly has the arched brows for the role.

RYAN: [laughs] Indeed she does. I like the idea of her as a meanie.

CAROLINE: She does play action star and sympathetic roles rather well. I think the last baddy she played was in Girl, Interrupted.

RYAN: It is a very interesting choice for her. It certainly doesn't hurt to do a family film considering it's something her children can see.

CAROLINE: That's true. She's done her share of R-rated films.

RYAN: I'm already looking forward to it; hope it does well and inspires even more.

CAROLINE: You and your fairy tales, honey! You'll never get enough!


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