Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Box Office Results

1. "Safe House," $24 million

2. "The Vow," $23.6 million

3. "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance," $22 million

4. "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island," $20.1 million

5. "This Means War," $17.6 million

6. "Star Wars: Episode I ? The Phantom Menace" in 3-D, $7.9 million

7. "Chronicle," $7.5 million

8. "The Woman in Black," $6.6 million

9. "The Secret World of Arrietty," $6.4 million

10. "The Grey," $3 million

RYAN: Two things happened I didn't expect this weekend. 1) The Denzel movie jumped to the #1 spot and 2) The new Reese Witherspoon opened at shanty #5... the week of Valentine's Day! much for the rom com.

CAROLINE: Well I didn't like This Means War as much as you did so I'm not torn up about it but it is still lower on the list than it should be.

RYAN: And the Nic Cage sequel to Ghost Rider opened higher than Reese's. Let's collectively take this moment to scratch our heads.

CAROLINE: There was actually one point over the weekend experts were predicting Ghost Rider 2 would be higher but I'm surprised it even did as well as it did, to be honest.

RYAN: It was just that random weekend before the Oscars. There's sometimes speculation that garnering nominations help box office but you don't see The Artist or Hugo in the top 10 this weekend.

CAROLINE: This is your last week, people, to catch up on movies before the biggest night of the year... in our world anyway.

RYAN: I'm recommending to at least see The Artist and The Help.

CAROLINE: Yeah those are both required viewing for Sunday night.


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