Tuesday, April 3, 2012


RYAN: The TV series made Johnny Depp a star. I never watched the show in the late 80s/early 90s so I can't compare it.

CAROLINE: I didn't ever really see it either. And I didn't see this film. How was it?

RYAN: It's good, not great.

CAROLINE: I can't say I'm all that surprised. Was it even funny?

RYAN: Yeah there is some decent comedy. And I much prefer Jonah Hill in this kind of role versus what he did in Moneyball. LBH, I still can't believe he was nominated for an Oscar.

CAROLINE: I know. It's actually hard to believe. How was Channing? Was his shirt off the whole time?

RYAN: Actually not even once.

CAROLINE: I'm shocked! I figured he has that written into his contract at this point.

RYAN: He's fine but never really an amazing actor. He's no Ryan Gosling. But you know who was in this but I didn't realize till the end?


RYAN: James Franco's younger brother Dave. He plays the drug dealer at the school.

CAROLINE: Gee, I wonder how he got in the business.

RYAN: Exactly. He's good though; so talent runs in the family.

CAROLINE: It's billed as an action comedy. How's the action?

RYAN: It's tame. There are no OMG Mission Impossible-like action moments. And the comedy is always played before the action. It is a bit cheesy at times and other times outright crosses the line for a laugh.

CAROLINE: How was the scene where Jonah has the blond hair?

RYAN: It's funny. It's fine.

CAROLINE: You sound kinda middle of the road on this.

RYAN: I think the young boy demographic will like this, though it is rated R. It's just a total bromance comedy. Jonah and Channing have decent bro-chemistry but I just wasn't completely roused by this the way we are by, like, Steve Carel comedies, you know?

CAROLINE: Oh honey, I know.

RYAN: There is one fantastic surprise at the end of the film that makes for a great moment but I don't wanna give anything away for those who want to see this.

CAROLINE: Please don't.

RYAN: This film is relatively enjoyable. The audience I screened it with seemed to be enjoying it a lot more than me I just think compared to other comedies, like Bridesmaids, or Wanderlust, currently out, this isn't as good. Where I recommended those, this one can be more of a rental.

-- RATING --

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