Monday, December 20, 2010


RYAN: I was really looking forward to seeing The Nutcracker in 3D because the trailer looks so magical and inspired.CAROLINE: It does look kinda cute, but you know I can barely stand kids' movies so I skipped it. What did you think of it though?RYAN: I 'ated it.CAROLINE: What?! Why?RYAN: It's just sucky all around. Specifically, it's not really The Nutcracker. She's Mary instead of Clara. There's a white queen in lieu of the sugar plum fairy and it just makes no sense. It's about the fear of children breaking toys or some supremely watered down lunacy.CAROLINE: Ew. So it's more inspired by the story of The Nutcracker then?RYAN: Based on the actual events of The Nutcracker.Caroline: [laughs] And by that you mean there's a nutcracker in it?RYAN: Exactly. I don't know what it is but it's awful. And I really fought with myself to like it all throughout the screening.CAROLINE: What do you mean?RYAN: There are components that should be good - Dakota Fanning's lil sister in the lead, Nathan Lane, 3D... and it's a musical for heaven's sake!CAROLINE: You love movie musicals.RYAN: More than anything. And I tried to get on board during the musical numbers, but ultimately when the film ended I was relieved and feeling like I kinda hated it overall.CAROLINE: You're being pretty harsh - you usually dig family films.RYAN: I do when they're good enough for all ages, all audiences. I think this one skews very juvenile in tone and story. That's OK, of course, for a young audience, but I don't think that makes a classic.CAROLINE: In that case, I'm so glad I didn't go see it with you.-- BOTTOM LINE --RYAN: You're better off seeking out a local production of The Nutcracker somewhere over the holidays - or catch some classic Xmas movies on TV. This one blows.-- RATING --Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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