Friday, December 31, 2010

Lydia Hearst-Shaw Sending Up Lindsay Lohan for a New Comedy

If you've never heard of Lydia Hearst-Shaw, she's essentially a non-slutty, less publicized version of Paris Hilton. Great-granddaughter of publishing giant William Randolph Hearst, the heiress has more fame to her name than being the offspring of a historical media man. Aside from working as a journalist (writing for Page Six of The New York Post), she's more well-known as a model (appearing in Vogue, GQ and more) and most recently, acting roles in "Gossip Girl" and a couple low profile indie films like The Last International Playboy. Now The New York Post reports the heiress is taking aim at troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan for her next role.

Apparently Hearst-Shaw will lead a screwball comedy called Dogs in Pocketbooks in which she'll play a comic character based on Lohan and her publicized trials and tribulations with fame. Screenwriter Charles Casillo revealed, "Lydia will play a bratty movie goddess in and ...

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