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RYAN: I was very eagerly anticipating this film not only because movie musicals are my favorite genre, but because Christina is one of my favorite music artists.CAROLINE: You were much more excited about seeing this movie than I was. In fact, I was actually dreading it a little since the trailer looked so lame. But I must admit I was pleasantly surprised; I really enjoyed this movie... at least for the first hour or so.RYAN: I had very high expectations and I'm glad that it exceeded all of them. I loved every minute of it and I'm gonna go ahead and say, after now seeing the movies I most anticipated in 2010, this is my favorite movie of the year!CAROLINE: Wow that's quite a statement. I would disagree that it's the best movie this year.RYAN: I didn't say it's the best. It's my favorite.CAROLINE: Let's be honest, this movie isn't covering any new territory. It's the clich� "small town girl/wannabe ingenue goes to Hollywood to try to make it" story. It totally works and it's lots of fun, but it reminded me a lot of Showgirls, and given the style of dance and the costumes, it was very reminiscent of Cabaret too, both the movie and the Broadway show.RYAN: I definitely see that, but when that story is good, it's worth being retold. Burlesque is very Chicago meets Cabaret with a bit of what works in Showgirls.CAROLINE: I'd even say there are some characters that are ripped off from Showgirls. By the way, the director of this movie is the brother of the girl who created The Pussycat Dolls. I guess the burlesque tradition runs in the family.RYAN: This movie is a great vehicle for Christina who worked on this with the same dude who did her Back to Basics CD. She even gets credit as executive music producer. It's sort of a big music video for Christina; like getting to see her in concert in the theater.CAROLINE: I was pleasantly surprised by her acting. I thought she was gonna be a bad actress with a good voice... and I actually found her pretty natural and I totally bought her in the role. The first few minutes were uber-cheesy and slightly painful, but after that I was impressed.RYAN: I agree. And also, I think she looks so much better as a natural-color blond versus the platinum she rocks in real life.CAROLINE: Sometimes she looks like a dude in real life, if you ask me. She's so fully made up. I prefer her with a natural look.RYAN: Cher was also fantastic. It's so great to see her sing on the big screen. She doesn't necessarily get show-stopping numbers but they're great - especially her first song.CAROLINE: Yeah I preferred that one. Her later song didn't do that much for me. And I love Cher. She's a great actress. I loved the moments between her and Stanley Tucci; but her face! I'm sorry. I know we know she's had multiple surgeries but it's out of control.RYAN: She looks like a porcelain mask - like at the end of the movie Death Becomes Her... if she fell, her face would crack in a million pieces.CAROLINE: [laughs] It's unfortunate.RYAN: I love Stanley Tucci. He plays gay and he's terrific. It's reminiscent of his character in The Devil Wears Prada.CAROLINE: And I loved that he plays understated gay. He's not obvious and swishy about it. He's such a good actor.RYAN: My only disappointments in the film are that Alan Cumming didn't have a musical number...CAROLINE: Oh! He was so underused! Why was he even in this movie?RYAN: ...and then also I wish Cher and Christina had had a duet.CAROLINE: I definitely think it was a little Christina heavy. Later in the movie she had several back-to-back numbers it started to drag for me.RYAN: Well, it's in that half that there are two ballads so it is a bit slower, but I was still captivated.CAROLINE: Fine, but the movie's a two full hours and it didn't need to be. They should have cut out 20 minutes.RYAN: [laughs] Whereas I saw it with my friend Chuck and we both looked at each other when it ended and were like, "We want more!" I could totally sit through a sequel. It's such a movie for gay men. Musicals appeal primarily to women and gays, "theater queens" as we say. The clich�... it's sexy, about strong women, an underdog, hot guys, singing and dancing... all of it.CAROLINE: Right.RYAN: It's, like, gay owned and operated. Cher's a big gay icon and Christina is one in the making.CAROLINE: Totally. And as a fan of musicals, I appreciated all the dancing.RYAN: Especially early on. And the casting of Julianne Hough.CAROLINE: She's such a good dancer. I'm a little bit obsessed with her. I was psyched she had a few lines.RYAN: What did you think of Eric Dane and Cam Gigandet?CAROLINE: They're both hot. They were fine, whatever. Every time I see Eric Dane, all I can think about is that strange pseudo sex tape he made with his wife.RYAN: Overall, there were great costumes, lighting and choreography, though some shots were stolen directly from Rob Marshall and his Chicago.CAROLINE: I totally noticed.-- BOTTOM LINE --CAROLINE: I enjoyed this more than I expected to, even though it's about twenty minutes too long. It's a story that's been told many times before but as someone who loves musicals, dancing, great costumes, and big show numbers, I was totally enjoying it. I don't know what else she can do as an actress but this was a good role for Christina. And those who want to should see it on the big screen. You know who you are.RYAN: Christina's voice is so killer, I wouldn't mind seeing more musicals with her but I also would like to see her branch out as an actress. I loved every minute of this. I'll be seeing it again and buying the Blu-ray eventually. Fellas - and you know who I'm talking to - run out and see this movie!-- RATING --Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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